A Tobacco Farmer's Daughter

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AuthorHouse, 2002 - Biography & Autobiography - 132 pages
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Zac's Chronicles is a reader request sequel of my first novel, In the Pursuit of Happiness

A middle school teacher and football coach, Zac is pretty much happy with his lifestyle.  He remembers Sabrina as the one he let get away but he in in no rush to add a woman and her issues to his life.  After multiple heartbreaks, he has decided that women can only server one purpose in his life.  Sabrina's reentrance into his life sets him offside for a moment but he maneuvers himself back on course after every encounter.  The brohs all know he has feelings for Sabrina and encourage him to purse them but Zachery Martin would never admit that he is afraid of love.

The hopeless romantic in Sabrina remembers all the wonderful things about Zac and knows that they still exist in him.  She has survived an unhappy marriage by having fantasies of what could have been with Zac.  She is not willing to give up on him so easily again.  A phone call here, a chance meeting there and a few orchestrated events should help Zac see that they can at least be social friends.  Sabrina's fourteen years of marriage took her out of the game for a while but she's dusting off her playette skills to see if she can score with Coach Martin.

It's a classic case of love jones.  Will Zac and Sabrina get it right this time?  Will they admit to the mistakes they made in the past so they can develop a future?  Or will they hold on to the past as a platform to continue to hurt each other?  Only God and time will tell.

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