A Tool of God: What Does It Mean to Be a Tool of God

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In June of 1931, a young man leaves high school in Vermont before graduating and heads West to an advertised mechanics' school in Nebraska. He is hoping for new experiences and, perhaps, a little adventure. The young man, Gordon, promises his mother that he will write frequently and he does approximately three times a week for the next 15 years!

These letters describe his life as he meets and marries Mary, and then travels the U.S. with her and their baby daughter, looking for any kind of work. This is The Great Depression and the little family's travels take them through the South to Georgia and Florida, to Nebraska, and to New England. They are not alone on this pilgrimage, and Gordon describes other families they meet along the way. He relates all aspects of their life including the meager meals that Mary cooks, grocery prices, and the mechanical problems of their aging automobile.

This is a true story that tells how the love and support of Gordon's mother and wife eventually overcomes the hardships of The Great Depression, and leads to a happy ending for this family and an end to their odyssey.

The language is clean, wholesome, and suitable for any age. The unedited and uncorrected text of the letters provides glaring authenticity.

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