A Town Primarily for People

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Trafford Publishing, Dec 10, 2003 - House & Home
THE CHALLENGE: Invent a town to solve all suburban problems, meet challenges like Jane Jacobs described; plus comprehensively solve all livability, environmental, and affordability issues. Impossible? IN THIS BOOK: Key historical influences are reviewed with fresh perspectives on current ideas. Entirely new town and home designs are presented. Permanent infrastructure systems, long-term, can save 50% of home cost and add livability. Three-dimensional home site arrangements save costs and offer more privacy, freedom, and flexibility than in suburbia; neighborly potentials are enhanced. While at same as suburban densities, 70% of the same amount of land becomes an integral open space and farming system. The Home Site, Near and Extended Neighborhood with Main Street act as a visual and functional unit for all life's moments, and are designed primarily for each individual's satisfaction. This book describes the entirely new format necessary for a town to meet all these objectives. A Town Primarily for People Enhances Everyone's Best Objectives: - maintains rural country setting. - cars are not seen from people places. - distinctive urban advantages and atmosphere. - convenience makes transit self-supporting. - permanent infrastructure lowers cost. - surrounded by an integral farming system. - comprehensive sustainability for centuries. Each Home Site: - has an ideal location. - is a convenient walk to everything. - is in a cluster of homes around a play area. - front overlooks Main Street activities. - porch is a ringside seat of town and cluster. - enjoys a safe neighborly surrounding. - increases affordability in many ways. - easily changed to meet budget and needs. - has a totally private interior and back yard. - back views hundreds of acres of open country. WHY INVENT A NEW TOWN CONCEPT? Few towns, if any, have been primarily for people. Town plans based on cars make cars necessary. There is no incentive for high quality long-term investment in towns with short-term 25 to 50 year plans, with no truly long-term comprehensive strategy. Current concepts, even if six-story, cannot solve all the problems. In the long-term, they will never solve the basic conflicts between housing eventually needing more land, the environmentalist, landowners, and developers. Everyone's trapped; the concept is the problem. As centuries pass, affordability, livability, and sustainability will be more difficult. General Plans that dictate existing design solutions or are based on cars stifle any truly new ideas. To solve current and future challenges comprehensively requires entirely new concepts, a different paradigm. With insight from the past and today's technology, for the first time in modern history we can design human habitats to function as an integral part of the surrounding natural environment. This new-concept town approaches the efficiency and natural balance common in homes built by many other less intelligent life forms. This new concept is functionally, structurally and financially feasible today. www.sprawlsolutions.com

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