A Treatise of Church-lands & Tithes: In Two Parts. Containing an Historical Account of Ecclesiastical Revenues, Churches, Church-yards, Church-offices, Benefices, Glebes, Manses, Patronage, Monachism, Religious, and Some Military-orders, with a Particular History of Tithes; and a Clear and Full Discusion of Points of Right and Controversy, Relating to These Matters; and Shewing how Far the Scots and Canon Laws Do Agree and Differ. ...

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heirs and successors of A. Anderson, and to be sold at J. Vallange's shop, 1705 - Benefices, Ecclesiastical - 450 pages
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Page 192 - That Prelacy and the superiority of any office in the Church above Presbyters is, and hath been, a great and unsupportable grievance and trouble to this nation, and contrary to the inclination of the generality of the people, ever since the Reformation (they having reformed from Popery by Presbyters) and therefore ought to be abolished.
Page 435 - is a power given by the law of disposing of things, or exacting from persons that which they are due," 4 and " an action is a prosecution by any party of their right in order to a judicial determination thereof.
Page 472 - Illustrated and confirm d from Civil Law. the Authority of Lawyers and Writers, Ancient and Modern, Forein Statutes, and Sentences of Courts...
Page 93 - Peter a Church, where he landed at the mouth of a little Water betwixt the...
Page 215 - VI. The church-yard is fenced with dikes, partly for ornament, and partly as a preservative to the dead bodies from being digged up or torn by beasts.
Page 49 - If the church refused to admit a qualified " minister presented by the patron, he might retain the fruits " of the benefice in his hands.
Page 281 - Ecclesiasticum is, and where or when made, they little enough know. For what hath a provincial council of one nation to do with another? What hath the Imperials of the old French empire to do with England 1 Nay what hath the Pope.s decrees to do here?
Page 109 - Bifhops and Abbots of the ignorant children of Noblemen. The clergy by little and little withdrew from their Obedience to the civil Magiftrate, and appealed on all occa(ions to the See of Rome.
Page 115 - Whereof there was yearly a Book made, which altered, and was more or lefs, according to the...
Page 92 - Tills entertain'd them nobiy, and at their defire erefted a Church, which to this day bears the Name of S.

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