A Trip to British Honduras, and to San Pedro, Republic of Honduras

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Price current print, 1868 - Belize - 125 pages
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Page 104 - El Presidente de la República de Honduras, a sus habitantes, SABED: que el Soberano Congreso ha decretado lo siguiente: DECRETO N?
Page 117 - Foreigners become naturalized by holding real estate of a fixed value, by residence of four years, and by marrying in the state. They are obliged to pay taxes in common with the citizens at large, and have the same right to appeal to the courts. Government and Religion.—- The government is popular and representative, and composed of three distinct powers, viz., legislative, executive, and judicial; the first residing in the General Assembly, the second in the President, and the third in the courts....
Page 95 - ... may acquire, without previous permission from the general government, any real property in the border states or territories, except at a distance of twenty leagues from the line of the frontier. " 'ARTICLES. Foreigners who by virtue of this law acquire real property, shall in all respects be subject to the laws now in force, or that may hereafter be enacted, concerning transfer, use, and preservation of said properties in the republic, as well as the payment of all taxes, without being allowed...
Page 117 - Art. 8.-La Religión de la República es la Cristiana, Católica, Apostólica, Romana, con exclusión del ejercicio público de cualquiera otra. El Gobierno la protege; pero ni éste ni autoridad alguna tendrán intervención...
Page 104 - Los estrangeros gosaran el privilegio de no prestar servicios mil it ares en un periodo de diez años, salvo el caso de guerra nacional .para repeler una invasión ; y por cuatro años no serán molestados para ningún oficio o empleo concejil. ART. 4o. Los inmigrantes que profesen otra religión que no sea la dominante, pueden ejercer privadamente su propio culto, y erij ir cementerios para sepultar sus cadáveres.
Page 56 - ... is but a question of time, and a very short time at that; notwithstanding.
Page 18 - ... to the close of his beautiful life amidst his family and friends and brethren, bequeathing to them an untarnished name hallowed by many sweet and cherished memories. The major says in his diary under date of Jan. 2nd, 1868, "We find in our little vessel many gentlemen from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi and from other Southern States who before the war were in affluent circumstances. We have been very fortunate in forming a party for exploration.
Page 117 - Gobierno la protege; pero ni este ni autoridad a!guna tendran intervencion en el ejercicio privado de las otras que se establezcan en el pais, si estas no tienden a deprimir la dominante ya alterar el orden publico. Persons born in the state, or any state of Central America are recognized as citizens.
Page 80 - Hills,' and we were' informed the best lands could be found in that part of the colony. We examined the lands on the rivers; and as far as examined, they are generally flat, and present every indication of being subject to overflow.

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