A Virginia Cousin: And Bar Harbor Tales

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Century Company, 1895 - American fiction - 202 pages
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Page 23 - They talked for awhile upon impersonal subjects — Kitty exerting herself, he could see, to be agreeable and sympathetic with her visitor. In the progress of this conversation, he took note with satisfaction of the artistic elegance of her dress (of the exact color of the Peach Blow Vase, he said to himself, searching for a simile in tint), with sleeves of sheenful velvet, and a silken train that lay upon the rug. Her long, white finA Vir- gers, playing with the violets, wore no ginia rings.
Page 700 - Cousin resulting as we have seen. And now, on this dazzling day, a " bridal of earth and sky " in one of the loveliest spots upon earth, she kept saying to herself, " By to-morrow — to-morrow, at latest — he will be with me ! And then — and then — and then — ! " The carriage halted at a little wayside booth for the sale of wines and fruit.
Page 18 - Not belonging to the 4 smart set,' whatever that may be, I make no demands upon Anita Clifton. But you, Vance, have not yet shown that you are absolutely heartless. When Eve goes home, as she soon will, it would be gratifying to have her able to say you had recognized her existence.
Page 15 - Townsend, who could not dispute this fact, was at a loss how to go on. But Mrs. Myrtle, having put things upon the right footing, launched at once into an exposition of her grievances against him, his sister, and the ruling society of latter-day New York.
Page 71 - From the western sky, facing them, the red light was vanishing, and in the large, dim room a couple of lamps made islands of radiance in a sea of shadows. In the library, adjoining, sat the Colonel, reading, his strong, handsome head seen in profile from where they were. Sounds of evening in...
Page 20 - ... in which dwelt Miss Ainger, and was very near indeed to passing it, but, recovering himself with a start, turned westward from the Avenue, and again sought the house from which he had gone irresolute a little while before. The door was opened for him by a servant, who did not know " for sure," but " rather thought " Miss Ainger was in the drawing-room.

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