A Wake Up Call for Your Golf Game: The Ultimate Improvement Guide

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Trafford Publishing, 2003 - Golf - 173 pages
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A Wake Up Call for Your Golf Game is unlike any Golf instructional book you have read. It cuts through the realms of swing and theories and gets down to the three absolute keys to a repeatable consistent swing. These keys all relate to the tool (the club) and how it needs to be used to create good golf shots. While each golfer should learn how they can swing best, what the club should do is the same for all golfers. The golfer needs to understand what the club must do before he or she can develop a swing to accomplish it.

To hit a good golf shot, the golfer needs to be sucessful in three areas.

1) The clubfacce must be square at impact. If the clubface is not facing the target impact, the ball will have side spin on it and it will curve.

2)The clubhead must be travelling towards the target as it passes through impact. If the club is travelling left or right to the target, the ball will start off line.

3)The club should strike the ball with the centre of the face, creating solid contact. Solid contact delivers power to the ball and also gets the ball in the air.

Most Golfers already know these three ideas. What most golfers don't know is what these statements really mean. John believes the reason golfers fail to improve, even when they spend a lot of time and money on their games, is that the information they are using is wrong. When a golfer misunderstands one or more of these three absolutes of a good golf shot, they have a very small chance of success. Worse yet, when they are successful, they don't know why or how they did.

This book eliminates the confusion and gives every reader the clear understanding of these key concepts. Once these concepts are understood, a golfer can improve very quickly. The combination of good information and effective practice lets golfers reach their potentials more quickly than they ever thought possible.

In addition to simplifying the gof swing, there are several chapters on the short game, mental game, course management and equipment. Possibly the important chapter is entitled "stuff You May Know But Really Need To Forget". This chapter debunks several long standing myths about the golf swing.

A Wake Up Call for Your Golf Game gives golfers of all skill levels the necessary foundation of knowledge on which to build a golf game. If you want to improve your golf, this book will give you what you need to reach your goals.

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