A Walk in David's Garden

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Trafford Publishing, 2000 - 255 էջ
In 1983, Kathlyne La Rosa was struck down by a crippling form of osteoporosis. Confined to bed, she was unable to engage in even the most basic of daily activities. While depression loomed, she chose to study the Word of the Lord as a way to stave off despair. A Walk In David's Garden, a collection of psalms and the writings they inspired in Kathlyne, was borne from this time of contemplation and recovery.

"This book represents a period of healing for me, which was inspired in many ways by the word of the Lord," says Kathlyne. "A Walk In David's Garden allows me to share the inspirational power of certain psalms that meant very much to me during the time of my illness." A Walk In David's Garden includes these psalms, which are followed by Kathlyne's poetic and thoughtful interpretations of them.

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