A Woman Called Job

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As human beings, we have what is called a "pain threshold." When we pass beyond this threshold, we enter into the realm of helplessness.

LaDena Renwick-Tilley's memoir, "oman Called Job"ws that through suffering, the glorious works of God will be made evident. The Bible tells us that God never leaves us--that He is keeping watch over his own. That no matter what comes, we as Christians can call upon God, knowing he is our refuge and strength.

Job is the first of five books commonly referred to as "The Books of Poetry." It gives a concise summary of Job in that we are given wisdom on how to suffer. In Job 42:1-6, Job eventually realized the awesome glory and grace of God as a result of his sufferings and how trials can be turned into triumphs.

Like the Book of Job, this memoir details how the righteous should bear up under suffering. It is an example of perseverance and offers inspiration and comfort to all, afflicted or not.

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