A Woman in Love

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AuthorHouse, Aug 26, 2004 - Family & Relationships
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It's a hopeless feeling to find oneself broke all the time and without a job, but that's exactly what the Bird - of - Paradise finds. And being a divorced woman where temptations and the lack of opportunities present a hardship, she acts as swiftly as any woman with a mind to correct them. But magnify that by a hundred and one and one comes up with an unknown future just as the case with herself. Yet she is determined to find her way back into the main stream of things and back into the arms of her husband, - a price she is willing to pay no matter the circumstances. But then again there are the doubts and the guilty feelings that are about to make her world one she can hardly catch her breath in. And of course there is the lack of affection she almost always shoed her ex-husband. That in itself is enough to eat at the source of her biggest problem and that is finding a job. Now there are the afternoons she is free to idle away her time looking across a room that grows less enjoyable each and every day. That, of course, brings her husband back into the picture, and the thought of him is probably why she turns to more drugs to calm the anxiety down. But all she can think of is the men she has seduced.

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