A Bibliographic Index of North American Carboniferous Invertebrates, Issues 153-156

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1898 - Invertebrates - 653 pages

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Page 34 - Description of some new genera and species of Echinodermata from the Coal Measures and Subcarboniferous Rocks of Indiana, Missouri and Iowa.
Page 34 - Illustrations of the Carboniferous Arachnida of North America, of the orders Anthracomarti and Pedipalpi.
Page 20 - Remarks on thirteen new species of Crinoidea from the palaeozoic rocks of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, and a description of certain peculiarities in the structure of the columns of Dolatocrinus , and their attachment to the body of the animal.
Page 16 - Description of new species of fossils from the Devonian and Carboniferous rocks of the Mississippi Valley. Proc. Boston Soc Nat Hist., vol.
Page 79 - Descriptions of new species of fossils from Ohio and other Western States and Territories.
Page 81 - Note on some fossils from near the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains, west of Greeley and Evans, Colorado, and others from about two hundred miles farther eastward, with descriptions of a few new species, by FB Meek, palaeontologist, *pp.
Page 73 - Descriptions of New Species of Fossils, from the Palaeozoic Rocks of the Western States.
Page 77 - An Inquiry into the Zoological Relations of the first-discovered Traces of fossil Neuropterous Insects in North America; with Remarks on the difference of Structure in the Wings of living Neuroptera,' by SH Scudder; by the Author.
Page 15 - Description of nine new species of Crinoidea from the Subcarboniferous rocks of Indiana and Kentucky, Am.
Page 79 - Preliminary list of the fossils collected by Dr. Hayden's exploring expedition of 1871 , in Utah and Wyoming Territories, with descriptions of a few new species: US Geol.

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