A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume 1

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R. Jennings, and J. Major, 1829 - Bibliography

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Page 44 - And glimmer'd all the dead men's mail. Blazed battlement and pinnet high, Blazed every rose-carved buttress fair— So still they blaze, when fate is nigh The lordly line of high St. Clair.
Page 252 - If the Bayeux Tapestry be not history of the first class, it is perhaps something better. It exhibits genuine traits, elsewhere sought in vain, of the costume and manners of that age which, of all others, if we except the period of the Reformation, ought to be the most interesting to us ; that age which gave us a new race of monarchs, brmging with them new landholders. new laws, and almost a new language.
Page 33 - ... who, by his strength, policy and wit kept them all out of the principal dominions of France, and out of this noble duchy of Normandy ? Wherefore, I say first, GOD SAVE HIS SOUL ; and let his body now lie in rest, which when he was alive, would have disquieted the proudest of us all. And for THIS TOMB, I assure you it is not so worthy or convenient as his hotfour and acts have deserved.
Page 25 - THE approach to Rouen is indeed magnificent. I speak of the immediate approach ; after you reach the top of a considerable rise, and are stopped by the barriers, you then look down a straight, broad, and strongly paved road, lined with a double row of trees on each side. As the foliage was not thickly set, we could discern, through the delicately clothed branches the tapering spire of the Cathedral and the more picturesque tower of the Abbaye St.
Page 163 - They parted: the seconds prepared the pistols according to agreement—and the fatal morning came. The combatants appeared, without one jot of abatement of spirit or of cool courage. The pistols lay upon the grass before them: one loaded only with powder, and the other with powder and ball. The Frenchman advanced: took up a pistol, weighed and balanced it most carefully in his hand, and then ... laid it down. He seized the other pistol, and cocking it, fixed himself upon the spot from whence he was...
Page 215 - There are also on the sides two pretty medallions of a winged figure blowing a trumpet, and standing upon a chariot drawn by four horses : there are also small fleur de lis scattered between the ornaments of the sides of the binding.
Page 43 - I., which stands at the corner of the street, to the right; and which, from its central situation, is visited the livelong day for the sake of its limpid waters. Push on a little further, then, turning to the right, you get into a sort of square, and observe the abbey — or rather the west front of it — full in 181 face of you.
Page 264 - Matthew's Gospel are wanting. At the end of this manuscript, on a single leaf, there are part of the last verse of the seventh chapter of Saint John's Gospel and the first eleven verses of the eighth chapter. 2. No.
Page 381 - every standard or guydhome is to hang in the chiefe the Crosse of St. George, to be slitte at the ende, and to conteyne the crest or supporter, with the poesy, worde and devise of the owner...
Page 161 - DUELS" — on the score of desperation, and of a fixed purpose to murder. It is literally without precedent, and I trust will never be considered as one. You must know then, that Caen, in spite of all the

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