A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in Scotland, Volume 1

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author, 1838 - Bibliography - 1090 pages
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Page 240 - Durham, and in accordance with his pursuits and plans ; having for its object the publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual, the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber and the Frith of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria.
Page 243 - I HEARD a voice from heaven, saying unto me, Write, From henceforth blessed are the dead which die in the Lord : even so saith the Spirit ; for they rest from their labours.
Page xv - Indications) of Memorials, Monuments, Paintings and Engravings of Persons of the Howard Family, and of their Wives and Children, and of those who have married Ladies of the name, and of the Representatives of some of its branches now extinct.
Page 117 - Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis, Ut prisca gens mortalium, Paterna rura bobus exercet suis...
Page 339 - As the art to boore with, iron rodds to try the deepnesse and thicknesse of the Coale ; rare engines to draw water out of the Pits : Waggons with one horse to carry down Coales, from the Pits, to the Stathes, to the River, &c. Within few years, he consumed all his money, and rode home upon his light horse.
Page 384 - Precepts thrice a Day. I am seen where I am not, I am heard where I is not, Tell me now what I am, and see that you misse not.
Page 338 - Master Beaumont, a gentleman of great ingenuity and rare parts, adventured into our mines with his ^30,000, who brought with him many rare engines...
Page 379 - They spread all over the house — tendrils of pliant curve and perennial verdure. For its size, if I except those of one or two Bannatyners, I am not sure whether this be not about the choicest collection of books which I saw on my tour. Mr. Brockett is justly proud of his Horsley; — he opened it with evident satisfaction. They are all at Newcastle necessarily Horsleymad. I suffered him to enjoy his short-lived triumph. His copy was upon small paper : of most enviable size and condition. " Were...
Page 148 - All Glory and Praise be given to God the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost on High ; peace upon earth, good will towards men, honour and true allegiance to our gracious King, loving affections amongst his subjects, health and plenty within this house.
Page 207 - In Mr. Atkinson. I have found a gentleman, and a man of varied talent, ardent and active, and of the most overflowing goodness of heart. In his retirement from an honourable profession (Medicine and Surgery), he knows not what the slightest approximation to ennui is. The heartiest of all the octogenarians I ever saw, he acorns a stretch, and abhors a gape.

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