A Bibliographical List of Lord Brougham's Publications Arranged in Chronological Order

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J.R. Smith, 1873 - 24 pages
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Page 15 - Treaty, delivered in the house of Lords on friday, 7th april 1843. Lond. Ridgway, Piccadilly, 1843, 80, 70. 73. Dialogues on instinct, with analytical view of the researches on fossil osteology. Lond. C. Knight and Co. 1844, 12o. Part of the series entitled, Knight's Weekly Volume. Originally published with and forming part of Lord Brougham's Dissertations... on Natural Theology. Lord Brougham translated the Latin quotations for this edition. 74. Speech of Lord Brougham upon the criminal code, in...
Page 18 - From the First Invasion by the Romans, down to the 14th year of Queen Victoria's Reign. By MRS.
Page 4 - ORDERS in COUNCIL ; or an Examination of the Justice, Legality, and Policy of the new System of Commercial Regulations, with an Appendix of State Papers, Statutes, and Authorities.
Page 20 - Miss C., should never be taught the English language. — You know that Allegra was buried at Harrow : but probably you have not heard that the body was sent over to England in two packages, that no one might suspect what it was. About the same time he said, — being at last assured that the celebrated critique on his early poems in The Edinburgh Review was written by Lord Brougham, — " If ever I return to England, Brougham shall hear from me.
Page 5 - Speech of Henry Brougham, esq. MP, in the house of Commons, on tuesday...
Page 20 - Accordingly, in March, 1809, he exploded in his English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, which wastes its fiercest and most contemptuous bitterness on Jeffrey, whom he believed to have been the author of the offensive article. But he was wrong in this opinion, for it was written by a different person.
Page 12 - The rabble's rage, and tyrant's angry steel; Thou transitory flower, alike undone By proud contempt, or...
Page 3 - ... and properties of light; by — read June 15, 1797, vol. 87, pp. 352 to 385, with a table. Also printed in Nicholson's Journal, 1799, vol. 2, p. 147. General theorems chiefly porisms in the higher geometry ; by — read may 24, 1798, vol. 88, pp. 378 to 396, with a table. This paper begins : — " The following are a few propositions that have occurred to me in the course of a considerable degree of attention which I have happened to bestow upon that interesting, though difficult branch of mathematics...
Page 13 - Lord Brougham's reply to lord John Russell's letter to the electors of Stroud, on the principles of the reform act, third edition.
Page 8 - touching the state of the law, and its administration in the courts of justice, with a view to such reform as time may have rendered necessary, and experience may have shewn to be expedient.

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