A Bibliography of John Brown

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Friedenwald Company, 1897 - 9 pages
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Page 28 - Virginia for the session of 1859-60, there is published the report of the joint committee of the Senate and House of Delegates, appointed to consider the Harper's Ferry affair.
Page 5 - ... growing out of restraint by their kindness. As we could not circulate freely, they would bring in wild fruit and flowers from the woods and fields. We were well supplied with grapes, paw-paws, chestnuts, and other small fruit, besides bouquets of fall flowers, through their thoughtful consideration. During the several weeks I remained at the encampment, we were under the .restraint I write of through the day ; but at night we sallied out for a ramble, or to breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the...
Page 9 - When we were taken in the morning he was just able to walk. He and Green and myself were put in the watch-house. Watson kept getting worse from then until about three o'clock Wednesday morning when he died. I did everything in my power to make him comfortable. He begged hard for a bed, but could not get one, so I pulled off my coat and put it under him, and placed his head in my lap, and in that position he died.
Page 25 - Magazine, June, 1897. EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. An address delivered at a meeting held for the relief of the family of John Brown, Boston, November 18, 1859.* . A speech delivered at the Brown Relief Meeting, Salem, Mass., January 6, 1860.* These addresses are also in Emerson's Miscellanies, pp. 249-263. Boston, 1893. EVERETT, Edward. A speech upon the Harper's Ferry Raid, delivered in Boston, December 8, 1859.* GROVE, S. Ed. Souvenir and Guide Book of Harper's Ferry, Antietam and South Mountain Battle...
Page 26 - The Association [1859?]20 p. 8. Newhall (Fales Henry). The conflict in America. A funeral discourse occasioned by the death of John Brown of Ossawattomie. . . Dec. ..2, 1859. Boston: MJ Hewes, 1859. 22 pi. 8. Newton (John). Captain John Brown of Harper's Ferry. A preliminary incident to the great Civil war of America. New York: A. Wessels Co., 1902. xi, 288 p., i 1., 6 pi., i plan, 2 port. 12. New York City. Official report on the...
Page 5 - ... could tell how we lived at Kennedy farm. Every morning when the noble old man was at home, he called the family around, read from his Bible, and offered to God most fervent and touching supplications for all flesh, and especially pathetic were his petitions in behalf of the oppressed. I never heard John Brown pray that he did not make strong appeals to God for the deliverance of the slave. This duty over, the men went to the loft, there to remain all the day long. Few only could be seen about,...
Page 5 - To a passer-by, the house and its surroundings presented but indifferent attractions. Any log tenement of equal dimensions would be as likely to arrest a stray glance. Rough, unsightly, and aged, it was only those privileged to enter and tarry for a long time, and to penetrate the mysteries of the two rooms it contained — kitchen, parlor...
Page 5 - Only the nearest of the slaves round about who awaited the word could be communicated with and several recruits like Hinton were left stranded on the way, unable to get through in time. So the great day dawned: "On Sunday morning, October 16th, Captain Brown arose earlier than usual, and called his men down to worship. He read a chapter from the Bible, applicable to the condition of the slaves, and our duty as their brethren, and then offered up a fervent prayer to God to assist in the liberation...
Page 26 - Mock (The) auction. Ossawatomie sold, a mock heroic poem. With portraits and tableaux, illustrative of the characters and actions of the world-renowned order of Peter Funks. Richmond, Va.: JW Randolph, 1860.

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