A Bibliography of Secondary Education, Being a Classified Index of the School Review, Volumes 1-10

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University of Chicago Press, 1903 - Education - 41 pages

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Page 38 - How far the public high school is a just charge upon the public treasury...
Page 23 - Some Respects in Which the Teaching of Elementary and Secondary Mathematics Needs Improvement.
Page 25 - What can be done to make the study of physics a better training for power?
Page 21 - Entrance requirements in history are based on those defined by the College Entrance Examination Board. The subjects in history listed below correspond, in general, with those suggested for a four-year high school course in history in The Study of History in the Schools: Report of the Committee of Seven of the American Historical Association (New York, 1899), and with more detail in A History Syllabus for Secondary Schools by a Special Committee of the New England History Teachers...
Page 30 - Function of the University in the Training of Secondary Teachers. M. V. O'Shea, VIII, 157-70.
Page 23 - Ill, 526-8. The Teacher's Outfit in German. Calvin Thomas, II, 401. C. General Articles. A New Departure in the Study of Modern Languages. EH Magill, VI, 257-60. International Correspondence Between Pupils. Oscar Thiergen, VII, 4—10. Modern-Language Conference (Chicago). IV, 41, 42. Modern-Language Requirements. AF Nightingale, IV, 424-33. Modern-Language Teaching in Secondary Schools. WM Payne, II, 74-82. Modern-Language Teaching. VI, 282, 283. Methods of Modern- Language Instruction in Prussian...
Page 10 - Acland. CH Thurber, III, 129, 130. In Memoriam — CFP Bancroft. GD Pettee, X, 257-69. Henry Barnard. CH Thurber, VIII, 505, 506. George William Curtis. OB Rhodes, II, 305-9. SS Laurie. CH Thurber, II, 465-7. Vittorino Da Feltre. CH Thurber, VII, 295-300. IV. BUILDINGS. High School, Colorado Springs, Col. GB Turnbull, I, 683-7. High School, Fort Wayne, Ind. (illustration). X, 649. High School, Joliet, 111.
Page 26 - VIII, 559, 56o. 2. CANADA. College-Entrance Requirements in Greek. I, 79, 80 (in BI Wheeler's article). Education in Canada — Condition of Mathematics. I, 388. School System of Ontario. WL Grant, X, 101-13. Training of Teachers in Ontario. GW Ross, I, 400-407. 3. EGYPT. Female Education in Egypt. IV, 124. 4. ENGLAND. Commercial Course in London. VIII, 370—72. Commercial Education in England and Germany. A. Heinig, X, 124-37.
Page 23 - Reform in the German higher schools and the reform movement in modern language teaching.
Page 26 - Knowledge -Making as a Means of Liberal Training — Quotation from Address of JG McGregor. VIII, 372-4. The Mission of Science in Education — Quotation from Address of John M. Coulter. VIII, 502, 503. The Teaching of Hygiene and Sanitary Science in Secondary Schools. Delos Fall, VI, 64-74. VIII. EDUCATION — CONDITIONS AND TENDENCIES. I. AUSTRALIA. Secondary Education in Victoria. Thomas Palmer, IX, 489-97; VIII, 559, 56o.

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