A Bicycle Tour in England and Wales: Made in 1879 by the President, Alfred D. Chandler, and Captain John C. Sharp, Jr. of the Suffolk Bicycle Club of Boston, Mass

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A. Williams & Company, 1881 - TRAVEL - 167 pages
Many adventurers have recorded their journeys by bicycle. This narrative is by Alfred Chandler and John Sharp. Chandler was the president of the Suffolk Bicycle Club in Boston, Massachusetts. Together, the two men toured England and Wales by bike and recorded their experiences in this book.

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Page 41 - ... through the winding paths of its woods. I have seen York Minster. These wonderful piles of Gothic architecture fill my mind with an intenser glow than aught else I have seen or felt in England. Is not that saying a good deal? My happiest moments in this island have been when I saw Salisbury and Durham cathedrals. Much happiness have I enjoyed in the various distinguished and interesting society in which I have been permitted to mingle ; but greater than all this was that which I felt when I first...
Page 145 - A singular notion prevails, especially in the country, that it is the feeble, sickly children who should be sent to school and college, since they are apparently unfit for hard work. The fact that in the history of literature, a few cases can be pointed out in which genius was lodged in a weak or diseased body, is sometimes adduced in support of the strange proposition that physical vigor is not necessary for professional men. But all experience contradicts these notions. To attain success and length...
Page 90 - Leger, the conditions bear that the owner of the second horse shall receive 200 sovs., and the third 100 sovs. out of the stakes...
Page 145 - ... physical vigor is not necessary for professional men. But all experience contradicts these notions. To attain success and length of service in any of the learned professions, including that of teaching, a vigorous body is wellnigh essential. A busy lawyer, editor, minister, physician, or teacher has need of greater physical endurance than a farmer, trader, manufacturer, or mechanic. All professional biography teaches that, to win lasting distinction in sedentary, in-door occupations which task...
Page 93 - The Bradgate Park Stakes of 10 sov. each, h. ft. with 100 added, for two yrs old, 7st, and three, 8st 10lb; f.
Page 58 - ... for a new attack. All night they lay under arms, and next morning found themselves in sight of each other. General, as well as soldier, on both sides, seemed averse to renew the battle.
Page 41 - ... felt when I first gazed upon the glorious buildings I have mentioned. Then it was that I was in communion with no single mind,—• bright and gifted though it be, — but with whole generations. Those voiceless walls seemed to speak; and the olden time, with its sceptred pall, passed before me. Oh! it was with a thrill of pleasure that I looked from the spire of Salisbury, and wandered among the heavy arches of Durham, which I can never forget.
Page 90 - The St. Leger Stakes of 25 sovs each, for three yrs old coltę, 8st.
Page 27 - Castle enjoys the peculiar privilege of conferring the dignity of Earl on the possessor, without any patent or creation from the crown ; a privilege not enjoyed by any other place in the kingdom.
Page 150 - ... favorable circumstance is the provision by the United States government of an appropriation for special inquiry in this direction, which is being carried out under the auspices of the United States Department of Agriculture, and in co-operation with scientific, educational, and philanthropic institutions in the United States from Maine to California and from Minnesota to Alabama. The larger investigations have made a foundation for these inquiries such as would otherwise have involved a large...

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