A Blossom of the Century

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Freedom, 1898 - Mental healing - 164 pages

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Page 1 - Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul.
Page 43 - I cannot repeat too often the great fact that there is no dead matter; that there is no death in the universe; that what we call dead matter is unawakened mind; that every atom in the world is mind, either awakened to a sense of its own power, or holding its power in the unconsciousness of latency. It is on this mighty truth that plan's salvation depends.
Page 103 - ... circumstances the very effort of a person to love his neighbor as himself becomes a hypocritical pretense ; he is not capable of generating love ; love is the child of freedom, and the slave of fear is powerless to beget it; no one who is weak in his own selfhood can give himself ; and this is love. No one who leans on a power outside of himself can be anything but weak.
Page 101 - The mother love, that beautiful and tender and holy feeling, is self-love. The child is the object of the mother's desire; probably the very highest object of her desire, and she holds it more tenaciously than anything else. Every form of love rests on desire; rests on the basis of self. Indeed, every good and beautiful attribute has self-love for its starting point; self-love worked out through higher and nobler recognition of the Law of Attraction, and individualized in higher and nobler desires....
Page 149 - power in prayer," and did not know Lhet prayer and every other form of leaning and begging was as far as possible from my method. Some unusually ignorant people thought it a species of witchery, and held me in great awe. It came to be believed that I could raise the dead, and do many other things that I was not able to do.
Page 106 - I have come into closer relationship with my neighbor; the drawing power of the Law has so shown me his oneness with me that it has become my desire to help him; my whole nature has warmed towards him, because the law in its fuller manifestation is Love. My more complete recognition of the Law has filled me with love, and love seeks an object; it is the expression of the Law of Attraction, and being full of it, my happiness is best served by manifesting it in noble words and generous deeds. And thus,...
Page 162 - I will answer an objection that is often brought against the mental method of healing. There is an idea quite prevalent that any mental application of power must be purely mesmeric or hypnotic. Just what the relation of hypnotism to mental healing is, I do not know ; but I know this : that while the operator in hypnotism gains control of his patient by the subjugation of the patient's will to his own will, that the mental healer does nothing of the kind.
Page 20 - Law of Being. There can be no recognition of that which is not ; and therefore even the frailest and most fleeting thought has form, whether we see it or not. But there are certain conditions of a man's mind, usually conditions of negation, conditions of abstraction, during which he is not noticing what is transpiring in his mind, when it is possible for his thoughts to express themselves without the help or even the cognizance of the man by whom or from whom they are expressed.
Page 61 - And this position is accepted as the truth almost the whole world over. Dead matter can never be permanently enlivened by spirit, nor is it desirable that spirit should load itself down with something that is forever dead. Moreover, if this is the true condition, it never has been necessary for spirit to be so loaded with the dead weight of matter ; and the entire combination has been a very grave mistake, ruining the happiness of every spirit that ever entered the material life.
Page 113 - And this is why these human intelligences — our bodies — are so weak and wretched and diseased, and why they die. To fear is as much a function of the intellect as to hope. To fear is to believe something that you do not wish to believe. Every belief is a form of intelligence or ignorance; (the two words are off the same piece, being negative and positive poles of truth.) To believe what you fear, is to make manifest a certain...

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