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Clarion Press, 1903 - Books - 254 pages
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Page 239 - amusement, rather than as a power to elevate the character and expand the spiritual nature, is to place it on a very low level. To use the words of Bacon, " Knowledge is not a shop for profit or sale, but a rich storehouse for the glory of the Creator and the relief of man's estate.
Page 128 - Up the airy mountain, Down the rushy glen, We daren't go a-hunting For fear of little men ; Wee folk, good folk, Trooping altogether : Green jacket, red cap, And white owl's feather
Page 28 - of Fla-vius Josephus (that learned Jew), and Paley's Moral Philosophy. With these exceptions, I can read almost anything. I bless my stars for a taste so catholic, so unexcluding. I confess that it moves my spleen to see these things in book's clothing perched upon shelves, like false saints, usurpers of true shrines, intruders into the sanctuary, thrusting out the legitimate occupants.
Page 164 - For so have I seen a lark rising from his bed of grass, and soaring upwards, singing as he rises, and hopes to get to heaven, and climb above the clouds ; but the poor bird was beaten back by the loud sighing of an eastern wind, and his motion made irregular and inconstant, descending more at every breath of the tempest than it could recover by the
Page 181 - So when that angel of the darker drink At last shall find you by the river brink, And, offering his cup, invite your soul Forth to your lips to quaff—you shall not shrink.
Page 174 - Most of the men that are now alive, or that have been living for many ages, are Jews, heathens, or Turks ; and God was pleased to suffer a base, epileptic person, a villain and a vicious, to set up a religion which hath filled all the nearer parts of Asia, and much of Africa,
Page 181 - And if the wine you drink, the lip you press, Ends in what all begins and ends in—yes ; Think, then, you are to-day what yesterday You were—To-morrow you shall not be less. So when that angel of the darker drink At last shall find you by the
Page 163 - He could not forbear to try his wings, though his pinions were not hardened to maintain a long, laborious flight; yet sometimes they bore him to a pitch as lofty as ever he was able to reach afterwards. But when he was admonished by his subject to descend, he
Page 158 - of the meanest persons. His humility was coupled with an extraordinary piety ; and I believe he spent the greatest part of his time in heaven; his solemn hours of prayer took up a considerable portion of his life ; and we are not to doubt but he had learned of St. Paul to pray continually ; and
Page 58 - There are things whose strong reality Outshines our fairyland ; in shape and hues More beautiful than our fantastic sky, And the strange constellations which the Muse O'er her wild universe is skilful to diffuse.

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