A book of emblems, with interpretations thereof

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Bell & Daldry; Chiswick Press, 1872 - Emblems - 123 pages
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Page 119 - Troubled on every side, yet not distressed ; perplexed, but not in despair ; persecuted, but not forsaken ; cast down, but not destroyed ; always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus.
Page 87 - Soldiers of JESUS ! Blest who endure, &c. On ! Christian souls, all base temptations spurning, Drown coward thoughts in Faith's triumphant hymn, Since JESUS suffered, our salvation earning, Shall we not toil, that we may rest with Him ? Soldiers of JESUS ! Blest who endure, &c. Amen. My sister published very few of the things which she wrote to amuse nis in our MS. " Gunpowder Plot Magazine," for they chiefly referred to local and family events; but "The Blue Bells on the Lea"* was an exception.
Page 95 - The impetuous enthusiast likes to accomplish grand purposes by grand means, — would with pleasure hire an engine and swill down a dirty street at a blow, with or without neighbours' consent : would like to initiate some extensive measures of social reform, which should, at any rate for a time, sweep sin from off the face of the earth. To such, the dull, unimposing, unambitious daily task of sweeping before his own door is repugnant.
Page x - French claim to have been the originators of these devices proper, but they admit that the Italians carried them to greater perfection. They were required to have both body and soul ; that is to say, there was to be a bodily figure having two significations, a literal and an allegorical one.
Page 59 - REMEDY. 59 or, if you cannot apprehend it now, dare to look forward to the aching head and weary heart of noonday toil. Heavy may be your burden, rough your road ; but for you, too, flow the living waters fresh from the throne of God. TOGETHER WE SUFFER AND REJOICE. R. WORLDLY WISEMAN, of the good old book, would call this very silly. "Because the storm has beaten the tree down...
Page xii - Nay, our intimate acquaintance with and love for his works paved the way for further interest in older books of the same kind, which fact may be accepted as a cause of the present volume being offered to the reader. MARGARET GATTY. June, 1872. These Emblems first appeared in " AUNT JUDY'S MAGAZINE,
Page 111 - Clocks and watches teach us many lessons, and this among them, that we ought never, even for a supposed good end, much less a bad one, to show a false face to each other.
Page 71 - I float upon an ocean I cannot fathom ; above me lies a heaven I cannot pierce. From whence I come there is no one to tell me ; whither I am drifting none can reveal.
Page vii - The truth is, the emblems are taken in nearly all cases from old foreign books : this style of literature having been at one time much more popular on the Continent than it has ever been in England.

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