A book of the west: being an introduction to Devon and Cornwall, Volume 1

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Page 17 - Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d. A series of volumes upon those topics of social, economic, and industrial interest that are at the present moment foremost in the public mind. Each volume of the series is written by an author who is an acknowledged authority upon the subject with which he deals. The following Volumes of the Series are ready : — TRADE UNIONISM— NEW AND OLD. By G. HOWELL. Second Edition. THE CO-OPERATIVE MOVEMENT TO-DAY. By GJ HOLYOAKE, Second Edition. MUTUAL THRIFT. By Rev.
Page 374 - The whole art of war in its historic evolution has never been treated on such an ample and comprehensive scale, and we question if any recent contribution to the exact history of the world has possessed more enduring value.
Page 375 - Svo. y. 6d. This book is intended for the Middle and Upper Forms of Public Schools and for Pass Students at the Universities. It contains copious Tables, etc. ' An original work written on an original plan, and with uncommon freshness and vigour.
Page 378 - Seymour Vandeleur. CAMPAIGNING ON THE UPPER NILE AND NIGER. By Lieut. SEYMOUR VANDELEUR. With an Introduction by Sir G. GOLDIE, KCMG With 4 Maps, Illustrations, and Plans. Large Crown 8vo.
Page 374 - A most splendid and fascinating book on a subject of undying interest. The great feature of the book is the use the author has made of the existing portraits of the Caesars and the admirable critical subtlety he has exhibited in dealing with this line of research. It is brilliantly written, and the illustrations are supplied on a scale of profuse magnificence.
Page 375 - The Engineer. W. Sterry. ANNALS OF ETON COLLEGE. By W. STERRY, MA With numerous Illustrations. Demy 8vo. -js. 6d. ' A treasury of quaint and interesting reading. Mr. Sterry has by his skill and vivacity given these records new life.
Page 5 - A clear and remarkably full account of the main currents of speculation. Scholarly precision . . . genuine tolerance . . . intense interest in his subject— are Mr. Ottley's merits.
Page 371 - The greatest world-poem of the nineteenth century next to "Faust." It is in the same set with " Agamemnon," with " Lear," with the literature that we now instinctively regard as high and holy.
Page 242 - That the influence of the Crown has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished"?
Page 368 - Each one contains an introduction which gives (i) a short biography of the author; (2) a critical estimate of the book. Where they are necessary, short notes are added at the foot of the page. Each volume has a photogravure frontispiece, and the books are produced with great care.

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