A Booksellers's Library and how to Use it

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Publisher's Weekly, 1891 - Bibliographical literature - 72 pages
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Page 15 - Co-Operative Index to Periodicals. EDITED BY WI FLETCHER With the co-operation of members of. the American Library Association. The " Co-operative Index to Periodicals," begun as a monthly supplement to The Library Journal, then extended into a quarterly, in an enlarged form, is now issued as an annual
Page 51 - improved ed., to which are added preliminary observations, and a supplement including a key to the assumed characters in the drama. NY, Scribner & Welford, 1876. $8.40. The
Page 10 - Appendices contain United States Government publications, January i, 1881, to June 30, 1884; publications of literary and scientific societies; books published in series. American Catalogue, 1884-90, compiled under the editorial direction of RR Bowker by Miss AI Appleton and others. 410, half leather, $15.
Page 41 - Taking this as a foundation, Mr. Linderfelt has prepared a manual suited to the needs and habits of the American cataloger, who, in many respects, has very different ideas from his German cousin, and has made it in a way an epitome of all rules by his references to other codifiers.
Page 41 - is a marvel of ingenious condensation, lucidity and completeness. It would have been impossible to evolve out of mere theoretical reasoning such an array of minute directions as to the manner of proceeding in the innumerable variations and peculiarities of
Page 26 - in parentheses are attached to most of the titles to show, in a general way, to what class of young readers they are best adapted. The books in Miss Hewins' "Books for the young " are included by permission. Annotations follow the titles in almost all cases, explaining clearly the nature and aim of the work.
Page 5 - of both large and small libraries, and to effect a saving by enabling library work to be done in the best way, at the lowest cost. The Journal especially meets the needs of the
Page 3 - prises of the day that it becomes an essential supplement to the other departments. A minor but practical and convenient feature is the " Books Wanted" column, giving subscribers an opportunity under the most favorable circumstances to search for books which may be out of print or unobtainable through the regular trade channels. TERMS OF ADVERTISING. One page
Page 5 - The Library Journal was established in 1876 by the co-operative efforts of the leading librarians on both sides of the Atlantic. Its chief object is to be a practical help to the every-day

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