A Brief French Grammar

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H. Holt, 1891 - French language - 177 pages
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Page 39 - Onze. 12. Douze. 13. Treize. 14. Quatorze. 15. Quinze. 16. Seize. 17. Dix-sept. 18. Dix-huit. 19. Dix-neuf. 20. Vingt. 21.
Page 68 - J'avais eu, I had had. tu avais eu, thou hadst had. il avait eu, he had had. nous avions eu, we had had. vous aviez eu, you had had. ils avaient eu, they had had. Past Anterior. J'eus eu, I had had. tu eus eu, thou hadst had. il eut eu, he had had. nous eûmes eu, we had had. vous eûtes eu, you had had.
Page 74 - Que j'aie été, que tu aies été, qu'il ait été, que nous ayons été, que vous ayez été, qu'ils aient été.
Page 39 - Soixante-neuf. 70 Soixante-dix. 71 Soixante et onze.* 72 Soixante-douze. 73 Soixante-treize. 74 Soixante-quatorze. 75 Soixante-quinze. 76 Soixante-seize. 77 Soixante-dix-sept. 78 Soixante-dix-huit. 79 Soixante-dix-neuf.
Page 89 - ... and then also before a and o; the c remaining only before u, before a consonant, and as final. The synopsis of principal and derived parts is as follows : vaincre vainquant vaincu vaincs vainquis vaincrai vainquais avoir vaincu vaincs vainquisse vaincrais vainque etc...
Page 68 - Passé j'aurais eu, / should have had tu aurais eu, thou wouldst have had il aurait eu, he would have had nous aurions eu, we should have had vous...
Page 68 - PERFECT. j'aurai eu, I shall have had tu auras eu, thou wilt have had il aura eu, he will have had nous aurons eu, we shall have had vous aurez eu, you will have had ils auront eu, they will have had CONDITIONAL PERFECT.
Page 103 - ... craindre craignant craint crains craignis craindrai craignais avoir craint crains craignisse craindrais craigne etc. pres, indic. crains, crains, craint, craignons, craignez, craignent 18. croire.
Page 104 - ... dire disant dit dis dis dirai disais avoir dit dis disse dirais dise etc. pres. indic. dis, dis, dit, disons, dites, disent 24.
Page 106 - ETC. maudire maudissant maudit maudis maudis maudirai maudissais avoir maudit maudis maudisse maudirais maudisse etc. pres.

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