A Brief History of Old English Porcelain and Its Manufactories: With an Artistic, Industrial, and Critical Appreciation of Their Productions

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Bemrose & Sons, 1903 - Porcelain - 255 pages

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Page 39 - This is to give notice to all painters in the blue and white potting way, and enamellers on china ware, that by applying at the counting-house at the China-house, near Bow, they may meet with employment and proper encouragement, according to their merit.
Page 80 - This was given to Enoch Wood by William Fletcher, in January, 1809. He informs me he remembers it being made by Mr. William Littler, at Longton, near Stoke, about fifty-five years ago, say in the year 1754. It has never been out of his possession during that time, and is highly valued.
Page 182 - As this Manufactory is not at present sufficiently known, it may not be improper to remark that this Porcelain is wholly free from the Imperfections in Wearing which the English China usually has. and that its Composition is equal in fineness to the East Indian and will wear as well. The enamell'd Ware, which is rendered nearly as cheap as the English blue and white, comes very near and in some Pieces equal to Dresden, which this work more Particularly imitates.
Page 244 - RUSSIAN ART AND ART OBJECTS IN RUSSIA: A Handbook to the reproduction of Goldsmiths' work and other Art Treasures from that country in the South Kensington Museum. By...
Page 60 - ... Variety of fine Models in Wax, in Brass, and in Lead ; all the Plaister Moulds, and others, ditto ; the Mills, Kilns, and Iron Presses, together with all the Fixtures of the different Warehouses, likewise all the Out-Buildings, &c. &c. And as Mr. Sprimont, the sole possessor of this rare Porcelaine Secret, is advised to go to the German Spaw, all his genuine Houshold Furniture, &c. will be sold at the same Time.
Page 52 - James's-street, called The Chelsea China Warehouse, in common Justice to N. SPRIMONT, (who signed the Advertisement) as well as myself, I think it incumbent, publickly to declare to the Nobility, Gentry, &c. that my China Warehouse is not supply'd by any other Person than Mr. Charles Gouyn, late Proprietor and Chief Manager of the Chelsea-House, who continues to supply me with the most curious Goods of that Manufacture, as well useful as ornamental, and which I dispose of at very reasonable Rates.
Page 56 - ... at the Manufactory there will from henceforward be constantly open, and that new Productions are daily produced, and brought into the Sale-Room. And the Publick may be assured, that no Pains will be spared to extend this Manufacture to as great a Variety as possible, either for Use or Ornament. Note, The Quality and Gentry may be assured, that I am not concern'd in any Shape whatsoever with the Goods expos'd to Sale in St. James's Street, called the ChelseaChina Warehouse. N. SPRIMONT. This advertisement...
Page 52 - They soon ascertained that they were the principal workmen, on whose exertions all the excellence of the Porcelain must depend, they then resolved to commence business on their own account, at Chelsea, and were in some degree successful...
Page 40 - Deserts, &c. &c. exquisitely painted in Enamel, and Blue and White. Also a large Assortment of the most useful China in Lots, for the Use of Gentlemen's Kitchens, Private Families, Taverns, &c.

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