A Brief View of the American Education Society: With the Principles Upon which it is Conducted and an Appeal to the Christian Public in Its Behalf. ...

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Flagg and Gould., 1826 - Clergy - 20 pages
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Page 12 - The instruments also of the churl are evil: He deviseth wicked devices To destroy the poor with lying words, Even when the needy speaketh right. But the liberal deviseth liberal things; And by liberal things shall he stand.
Page 10 - Directors will educate a succession of ministers of the gospel, as fast as the income will permit. 3. In cases where a scholarship is founded by an individual, it shall be designated by the name of the donor unless the donor shall affix to it some other name, and where a scholarship is founded by several individuals, it shall be called by such name as they may agree upon, or if none is given, by such name as the Directors shall give it.
Page 10 - cholarship is a perraanent foundation of one thousand dollars, which is now placed under the care of the Directors, and is subject to such provisions as the donor, or donors, may think proper, in concert with the Society, to institute at the period of making the foundation. As the design of the American Education Society is one of great magnitude, the Directors have aimed to be governed by the most enlarged views of the trust committed to them.
Page 8 - ... All those associations which belong peculiarly to ideas of charity, and which have often been observed to have an unhappy effect on the character, are in this manner avoided. Each youth is taught to look to his own efforts as the ultimate means of his education, and is permitted to cherish in some degree those feelings of independence which, when properly regulated, exert a wholesome influence on the mind. 2. The system is also fitted to promote economy. Every degree of aid which is received...
Page 8 - ... is wisest that what they do appropriate should be granted not as a charity, but as a loan. Beneficiaries were accordingly required not long after the Society was established to give their notes for one half of all which they received ; and hereafter they will be required to give notes for the whole.
Page 5 - ... patronage, by introducing numerous checks, and rendering a perversion of the funds difficult. It gives to each portion of the community the security of the whole against final embarrassment and failure in the important matter of obtaining funds to carry forward the general object within its limits. In short, every Board of Directors of a Branch Society is a Committee for carrying into execution the purposes and objects of the General Society. The most remote friends of the Institution are brought...
Page 7 - ... say, with all deference to the wisdom by which that system was matured, that we have our doubts. But before expressing these doubts, we prefer to let the Directors speak for themselves, and exhibit the reasons by which they have been induced to adopt the system. The mode of rendering assistance to beneficiaries, is another subject upon which the thoughts of the directors have been frequently and anxiously employed. On the one hand...
Page 17 - There is in this respect a wide difference between the circumstances of the American Education Society, and most other benevolent institutions of a popular kind. The Bible Society has no fear that the precious book which it is circulating through the Earth will disappoint its expectations, and prove a source of poison to those who read it ; the Tract Society...
Page 10 - ... benefactors of the American Education Society. As evidence of this, it will be sufficient to quote a single extract from one of the letters addressby the beneficiaries of the Society to a person appointed to confer with them on this subject. That extract is as follows — " As the Directors have seen fit to regard the approbation of the beneficiaries, we can only say we are perfectly satisfied with the measures they have adopted, and do unanimously prefer our present, to our former situation.
Page 21 - Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy on their heads ; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

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