A Calendar of Wills and Administrations Registered in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Worcester: 1451-[1652], Volume 1, Part 3

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British Record Society in conjunction with the Worcestershire Historical Society, 1902 - Wills
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Page 192 - John, Belbroughton. 66 Fleshall, William, Hanley. 67 Tailer, Mawde, widow, Stretton-upon-Fosse. 68 Yate, Walter, Hymbleton. 69 Wyllys, John, Harvington. 70 Cotterell, Richard, Overbury. 71 Walker, William, Cropthorne. 72 Robards, William, Emley Castle. 73 Heynes. John, Cropthorne. 74 More, William, weaver, Holy Cross, I'ershore.
Page 220 - Oubery, Vicarage of. 80 Strayne, Robert, Woodhowse, Round Awne. 8 1 Walker, Thomas, Warwick. 82 Byssell, Robert, MA, Wotton, Warwick. 83 Yeton, Thomas, Rownton. 84 Maydes, Richard, Wasperton. 85 Mandicke, John, Wolborowe. 86 Edon, John, Brayles, Warwick. 87 Whyte, Henry, Morton Morrell. 88 [Not used.] 89 Jackson, Nicholas, clarke, Halford. 90 Alies, Elizabeth, widow, Idlicott. 91 Cooke, John, St. Nicholas, Warwick. 91
Page 178 - Bre, Joysse, widow, St. Nycolas, Warwick. W. 154 Milner, Robert, husbandman, Utlicotte als. Idlicot. W. 155 Symond, Robert, Parshore. W. 156 Heywarde, Harry, Paxforde, Blockley. W. 157 Alcocke, Edward, vicar, Wootton Wawen. W. 158 Mosse, Laurence, St. Nycolas, Warwick. W. 159 Hopkyns, George, husbandman, Bishops Hampton. W. 160 Scharp, Phillip, Arrow. W. 161 Hoyward.
Page 197 - Malpas, Thomas, Kidderminster. W. 1 8 Walker, John, Comerton, Kidderminster. W. 19 Robyns, William, Kidderminster. W. 20 Perks, Roger, Chadesley. W. 21 Stower, John, Comerton, Kidderminster. W. 22 Patrike, Jois, widow, Stone. W. 23 Oliver, John, Evesham. W. 24 Stokes, Edward, Yardley. W. 25 Stokes, An, widow, Yardley. W. 25« Burneford, William, Bromsgrove.
Page 184 - Watton, Alice, widowe, Alchurch. 84 Tayler, Thomas, Donyngton, Priors Salford. W. 85 Rawlyns, Thomas, Abbots Salford. W. 86 Symons, John, Spernall. W. 87 Tonckes, William, sen., Oldebury, Halesowen. W. 88 Russell, John, gentleman, Great Wittley [torn]. W 89 Smythe, Margaret, Stoke Prior. W. " 90 A'bruton, John, Wotton Wawen. W. 90« Bncke, John, pychener, Priors Salford.
Page 185 - Worcester. 136 Charlemeynt, John, pewterer, St. Swythines, Worcester [torn]. 137 Blocke, Jane, wydowe, Lyghe.
Page 178 - Hunt, John, Edgocke, Inckebarow. Admon. 144 Franckelyn, Rychard, servant unto Rychard Rallens, of Pyllerton Hersey. W. 145 Norrys, Lancelot, Evesham. W. 146 Smythe, Roger, smythe, Great Woolford. W. 147 Sannders, John, Butlers Marston. W. 148 Grsenop, Thomas, husbandman, Paxforde, Blockley.
Page 220 - Haselor, Vicarage of. 92 Churchland, Joan, Madresfield, Much Malvern. 93 Pyte, William, jun., husbandman, Eldersfield. 94 Rumney, William, husbandman, Baldenhall, Much Malvern. 95 Cheswall, Edmund, husbandman, Broadwas. 96 Makam, Henry, Knightwick. 97 Turner, John, husbandman, Sholton, Hallowe. 98 Browning, Elizabeth, Martley. 99 Moure, Agnes, widow, Brawnsford, Lygh. 99
Page 203 - Grenewayes, John, Pendock. Admon. and I. 112 Pitt, Isabel, widow, Baldenhall, Great Malvern. WI 113 Reade, Robert, husbandman, Great Malvern. WI 114 Ruston, Nicholas, Halesowen. WI 115 Hadley, Edward, Oldbury. WI 1 16 Hopkins, Thomas, Wotton Wawen. W. 117 Ingram, John, Lygh. WI 1 18 Perkins, Alice, widow, Salforde. WI 119 Gregge, John, Mathon WI 1 20 Davys, John, Castle Morton.
Page 182 - I 323 Collicke, John, husbandman, Powick. Admon. and I 324 Carter, Alice, St. Helins, Worcester. Admon 325 Hackett, Lücke, St. Clement's, Worcester. Admon. and I 1561. 1 Schaylerd, John, Bromysgrove. W. 2 Russell, Christopher, Warwicke. W. 3 White, Roger, Rowington. W.

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