A Capillary Crime: And Other Stories

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Harper & Brothers, 1892 - 284 pages
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Page 233 - more than ordinary significance: it was to be the occasion of the presentation of Tyck's household to his artist friends. This, perhaps, needs explanation. At the time of our departure from Antwerp, Tyck was engaged to be married to a young lady, the daughter of a Flemish merchant, and there was every prospect of a wedding within a year. After
Page 55 - far as I then knew, a total stranger in the city, with no distinct plan of remaining there, and with only the slight and imperfect knowledge of the place that one gains from the ordinary travellers' descriptions. The streets, the houses, the people, the strange sounds and stranger sights, the life so entirely different from what I had hitherto
Page 59 - of long disuse. In one of the first days of my search for a studio I had found and inspected this very place, but it had given me such a disagreeable feeling—it had seemed so worn out, so full of relics of other
Page 55 - hesitate to call them spirits—not visible, of course, nor tangible, but still oppressing me mentally and morally, exactly the same as my physical self is often crushed and overpowered in a great assembly of people. I walked about, visited the cafes and
Page 72 - speaking to my friend, or at least taking some energetic steps towards an investigation of the mystery. But I had the same experience every night for fully a week before I really began to plan serious means of discovering whether it was
Page 72 - hallucination, a nightmare, or a flesh-and-blood intruder. First, I had some curiosity each night to see whether there would be a repetition of the incident. Second, I was eager to note any physical or mental symptom which would serve as a
Page 9 - opened the gate, passed through the garden, and tried her key in the door. Finding it unlocked, she simply said, " Perhaps he's gone out," and went into the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast. Before the water boiled the gate opened sharply, and three persons entered; first, the martial figure of a sergent de
Page 151 - of iron-rust, or anything to show how the descent had been made. Nothing of the kind was visible. Far below, the great expanse of turquoise sea, stained with the shadows of summer clouds, seemed to rise with a convex surface to meet the sky at the distant horizon line. Away off to the south,
Page 68 - in a moment under any circumstances." " I went out to walk because I couldn't manage to read," I replied, and the conversation ended. We went to the theatre that evening, and afterwards to the
Page 133 - had made arrangements with the custodian to permit a moulder to come and take a cast of the head. The island of Capri is the most delightful spot in the Mediterranean. Blessed with a fine climate, a comparatively fertile soil, and a contented population, it is one of the best places

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