A Captive of Love: Founded Upon Bakin's Japanese Romance Kumono Tayema Ama Yo No Tsuki (The Moon Shining Through a Cloud-rift on a Rainy Night)

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Lee and Shepard, 1886 - Japan - 280 pages

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Page 220 - The earth is full of saltpetre and sulphur, which rise in the form of mist, and, uniting in the sky, become a vapour that possesses the properties of gunpowder. When this nears the intense heat of the sun it explodes, like a natural gas ; and the terrible sound is heard by all the world. The shock, striking animals and birds wandering in the clouds, hurls them to the ground. Therefore thunder, and lightning, and the creatures that tumble from the clouds during a storm, are not one and the same thing.
Page 278 - Is Sophie May's latest creation; and she is a bright, brave girl, that the young people will all like. We are pleased to meet with some old friends in the book. It is a good companion-book for the 'Doctor's Daughter,' and the two should go together.
Page 278 - The announcement of another work by this charming and popular writer will be heartily welcomed by the public. And in this sensible, fascinating story of the twin-sisters, 'Vic* and ' Van,' they have before them a genuine treat. Vic writes her story in one chapter, and Van in the next, and so on through the book. Van is frank, honest, and practical; Vic wild, venturesome, and witty; and both of them natural and winning. At home or abroad, they are true to their individuality, and see things with their...
Page 52 - ... conduct and deceitfulness of Saikei, and be more than ever desirous of serving their parents with their whole hearts. Also remember, when you lose your father and mother, to pray for them continually, that they may swiftly arrive in Paradise. It is difficult to control a disposition to do wrong : but if you diligently strive to be good, you will succeed ; or, if you persistently follow crooked courses, you will end in being a very wicked person. You must curb your evil inclinations as a rider...
Page 242 - When any one is struck by thunder, make him lie upon his back, and place a live carp in his bosom. If the carp jumps and moves, the patient will recover, and the carp die. This is infallible. ' ' When thunder scorches the flesh, burn ko [incense] under the sufferer's nose. This will cause him to cough, and break the spell of the Thunder god.
Page 278 - Sophie May, author of the renowned Prudy and Dotty books, hae achieved another triumph in the new book with this title just issued, Bhe has taken *a new departure* this time, and written a new story for grown-up folks. If we are not much mistaken, the young folks will want to read it, as much as the old folks want to read the books written for the young ones. It is a splendid story for all ages.
Page 141 - Who's so stupid that they don't know that?" Jamie retorted in a voice that could be heard at the other end of the phone. "The President of the United States.
Page 278 - Sold by all booksellers, and sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price LEE AND SHEPARD PUBLISHERS BOSTON "I.
Page 277 - There is the power of delineation and robustness of expression that would credit a masculine hand in the present volume, and the reader will at no stage of the reading regret having commenced its perusal. In eome parts it ia pathetic, even to eloquence.
Page 277 - Hence this story, charmingly written. LOST IN A GREAT CITY. " There are the power of delineation and robustness of expression that would credit a masculine hand in the present volume. THE OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE. "The romances of Miss Douglas's creation are all thrillingly interesting." — Cambridge Tribune. HOPE MILLS; or. Between Friend and Sweetheart. " Amanda Douglas Is one of the favorite authors of American novelreaders." — Manchester Mim>r. FROM HAND TO MOUTH. " There Is real satisfaction...

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