A Catalogue of a Large and Curious Collection of Books, Including the Elegant Library of George Andrews, ... which Will be Sold, ... this Day, July 1781, ... by Thomas Payne and Son, ...

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Page 108 - Vindication of the Appendix to the Poems called Rowley's, in reply to the answers of the Dean of Exeter, Jacob Bryant, Esq., and a third anonymous writer ; with some further observations upon those Poems, and an examination of the evidence which has been produced in support of their authenticity, by Thomas Tyrwhitt,
Page 205 - s DIVORCE OF CATHERINE OF ARAGON. 818 THE DETERMINATIONS of the moste famous and mooste excellent universities of Italy and Fraunce, that it is so unl(aw)eful for a man to marie his brothers wyfe that the pope hath no power to dispense therwith.
Page 46 - A View of the principal Towns, Seats, Antiquities and other remarkable Particulars in Dorset. Compiled from Mr. Hutchins's History of that County, 4to. 7s. In Nichols
Page 42 - History of the Monarchy, from its Origin to that Period. London, 1769. 4to. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. — History of France, from the Commencement of the Reign of Henry III. to the general Peace of Munster. London, 1775-82. 4to. 5 vols.
Page 41 - Princesses, and every branch of the Blood Royal, from William the Conqueror to Henry vn.; with Notes, and a Glossary.
Page 101 - Twenty of the Plays of Shakefpeare, being the whole Number printed in Quarto, during his Life-time, or befsre the Reftoration ; collated where there were different Copies, and puilifhed from the Originah.
Page 43 - Quarrels of Pope Paul V. with the State of. Venice, is 6d 1716 Foui1 Trans on the Cruelties of the Dutch at Amboyna 1632, See.
Page 21 - Teft. 5$ 1633 539 Bp. Hall's Works, 2 vol. i8s 1647 540 Barrow's Works, 3 vol. 158 • 1683 541 The fame, ivith bit Ори/cula Latina, 4 vol.
Page 86 - Hiftory and Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. О С Г А У О. «»49 TTUME's Hift. of England, 8 vol. balf bound, il 10
Page 89 - Fulbecke's Parallel of the Civil Law, Canon Law, and Common Law 1618 - Fulbecke's Pandeóles of the Law of Nations. IÓO2, 2S 2827 Mackenzie's Criminal Laws of Scotland, 2s 6d £//,1678 2828 Cofm's Apologie for Ecclefiaft. Jurifdiuion, is 6d |гл...

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