A Catalogue of Monuments of Printing: Comprising Books Produced by the Earliest Presses in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and England from 1467 to 1500 and a Few Examples of a Somewhat Later Date ... Offered at the Net Prices Affixed

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G. Norman and son, printers, 1903 - Incunabula - 112 pages

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Page 102 - Thus endeth the legende named/ in latyn legenda aurea, that is to saye/ in englysshe the golden legende, For/ lyke as golde passeth in valewe alle/ other...
Page 104 - CCCCC . xxvii . the . xix . yere of the regne of our souerayne lorde kynge Henry the eyght. Imprynted at London in Flete strete at the sygne of | the sonne/ by Wynkyn de Worde | ( On the reverse is the mark of Wynkyn de Worde with WC occurring thrice in if) Sm.
Page 11 - etc.) as well as the first line of each chapter are printed in large type, the capitals of which have little curly projections on the left and are identical wiih those used in the Sermones Hugonis printed by the prototypographer of Heidelberg in 1485.
Page 18 - ... are az, AZ, and aa-11, and are in eights with the exception of f (10 leaves), T (6), V (10), and 11 (6). — The foliation also begins on the first leaf of text, and ends correctly with CCCCLvi on the last leaf, although there are several errors here and there in the course of the numeration. Among the paper-marks are the p, and a spread hand with a flower on the tip of the middle finger. The book is divided into two equal parts, of which the first contains the work of Jacobus de Vorįgine, the...
Page 82 - Anthoine verard marchant libraire demourant a paris sur | le pont nostre Dame a lymage | saint...
Page 7 - Bellavacens.; but the lower-case letters are by no means so. They are also different from the characters which we observe in the Terence, Valerius Maximus, and Virgil, and in the Ars Predicandi of St. Austin.' * The fount of letter seems new, and is a mixture of that used by Schuzler, Lucas Brandis, and in the Soubiaco monastery : being much more elegant than either of the sets of character observable in the impressions of the forementioned authors. Panzer assigns the volume to the press of...
Page 41 - Tarpon mentitur Roma tonantis. Anno dnici Natalis. M.CCCC.LXXI. die. V. mensis Aprilis. Summo Pont. Paulo. II. Veneto Anno pont. vii. lo. An. Epus Alerien In Insula Cyrno. recognition? absoluit diebus circiter. xv. Lector beniuole uale perpetuo. The usual eight verses, beginning ' Aspicis illustris,' and concluding ' contribuere domum,
Page 79 - ... ornamental in character and some of them contain heads. The paper-mark is usually the bull's head, but we also find the Roman capital D with a rod running upwards and downwards through the right vertical line of the upright stem.
Page 82 - CHEONIQUES, continued,: — £ *. d. the Table. Fol. 8 has the Register on the obverse and is blank on the reverse. The text begins on fol. 9 numbered Fueillet i. Fol.
Page 49 - Impressi : mirae quis neg 6- artis opus ? At tibi dum legitur docili suetonius ore : Artificis nomen fac rogo lector ames.

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