A Catalogue of the Prints, which Have Been Engraved After Martin Heemskerck; Or Rather, an Essay Towards Such a Catalogue

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J. Rodwell, 1829 - Engraving - 150 pages

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Page 70 - And they all with one consent began to make excuse. The first said unto him, I have bought a piece of ground, and I must needs go and see it : I pray thee have me excused.
Page 105 - Paraguay called mattt (p. 391). The finest quality of coffee is produced in Arabia ; but the largest quantities are exported by Brazil and Java. Colonial produce includes tea, coffee, tobacco, and spices. Coliseum, or colosseum, is the name of the largest amphitheatre ever built. It was begun by the Emperor Vespasian, and finished by his son Titus, AD 80 ; at the present day it is the most extensive ruin in Rome. It afforded ample seat-room for 80,000 spectators around an arena large enough for the...
Page 28 - He took away the horses which the kings of Judah had given to the sun...
Page 70 - The text was that in which the servant who had been sent into the streets and lanes to bring in the poor, and the maimed and the halt and the blind...
Page 125 - Esq. 1144. COLLEGE OF JUSTICE. A figure of Justice with a sword in her right hand, and a pair of scales in her left, sitting beneath a canopy supported by pillars ornamented in the richest Elizabethan style. Above the head of the figure is inscribed
Page 109 - ... men, he suffered himself to be surrounded by a body of cavalry, under the command of the elector of Saxony, the landgrave of Hesse, and the duke of Brunswick. These princes...
Page 64 - NB In this composition Christ is sitting alone, upon the Clouds, without either the Virgin or St. John Baptist;; and on the Earth are only three considerable figures, lying in the foreground: the rest are all in the distance. The whole seems to be reversed. The Globularity of the Earth is very strongly marked.
Page 35 - In the background she is sitting with him at the banquet. 6. Judith cutting off the head of Holofernes. In the distance is her arrival at the Gate of Bethulia. NB The fact is not represented in the common way, but Judith is alone with Holofernes in the tent, as the story says she was ; and her maid is waiting without.
Page ix - THE following pages are published at the desire of their deceased Author, with the hope that they may be the means of introducing to a more extended notice in this country the works of an Artist, who has been styled "the Raphael of Holland;" and to whose Designs some of his most distinguished successors have been considerably indebted.
Page 51 - In the distance are the two Disciples, before Christ joined them ; and again, afterwards : in the foreground are a dog and a cat. " MH" only upon it. This does Martin very little credit : but, still, I think it is etched by his own hand ; and a good deal is attempted.

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