A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters ... with a Copius Description of Their Principal Pictures, Etc...

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Page 71 - Born at Leyden, towards 1630; died at Amsterdam, 1667. The gentlemanly portrait of this artist, now in the Queen of England's collection, represents him to have been a man of a naturally delicate frame and of a sensitive mind ; he unquestionably formed his style from the study of works by such distinguished men as Gerard Dou, Frans Van Mieris, Terburg, and Jan Steen, who were all superior to him in invention and the delineation of character; but Metsu obtained a grace of expression and an elegance...
Page 225 - View of the back court of a house, having an open door at the end of it, with an ascent of two steps to enter a garden. Near the centre of the court is seated a gentleman about to enjoy his tankard and pipe, with which a woman standing before him has provided him. He has invited her to take a glass, which she is in the act of drinking. At the same time a child is crossing the court with a pot of embers in her hand. On canvas. 2 ft. 4 in. high, 1 ft. 11 in. wide. This...
Page 42 - ... to be coaxing her to dance, and a third is seated composedly on a log of wood, enjoying his pipe and jug; several other figures and various accessories contribute to complete the composition.
Page 177 - The subject is represented in the foreground of a richly wooded landscape, and the goddess is seen, loosely clad in a blue vest, seated on the ground with Adonis, and Cupid standing by her side ; her milk-white doves, and the dogs of the huntsman, are also near them. This elaborate production possesses the additional interest of the figures being portraits of the artist, with his wife and son. It is particularly mentioned by Descamps in La Vis.
Page 76 - Woman, dressed in a dark brown jacket and bluish apron, with a glass in one hand and a jug in the other, seated at a table, which is covered with a Turkey carpet.
Page 152 - Dcstouches, . . 1794. . 550 fs. 22Z. 31. The Fortune- Teller. A young cavalier, wearing a buff jerkin with embroidered sleeves, and a cuirass, seated on a bank, near some trees, having his fortune told by a young female, whose elegant attire but ill accords with her profession. She is accompanied by an elderly woman, who stands by her side ; and while they are thus attracting the youth's attention, a young urchin is picking his pocket. Engraved by Halbou, in the Orleans Gallery.
Page 163 - Palatine. 70. The Doctor. The interior of a room, in the middle of which is seated a doctor, resting one arm upon a table, on which are a skull and some books, and holding up an urinal to the light, which a woman, who stands at the side, appears to have brought him : two men are seen in the back part of the room, sitting by the side of a chimney. Engraved by Folkema. Dated 1763.
Page 265 - Closterman, and others. Yet he once drew king William ; but, as the piece was to be by candle-light, he gave his majesty the candle to hold, till the tallow ran down upon his fingers. As if to justify this ill-breeding, he drew his own picture in the same situation. Delicacy was no part of his character : having drawn a lady who was marked with the small-pox, but had handsome hands, she asked him, when the face was finished, if she must not sit for her hands : " No," replied Schalken, " I always...
Page 122 - ... her master stands on the other side of the table beating time with his hand ; some music books and a violoncello are upon the table, and a beautiful spaniel lies asleep on a chair in front of the room.
Page vii - His Grace the Duke of Sutherland. The Right Honourable the Earl of Cawdor.

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