A catalogue raisonné of the works of the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French painters ... with a copius description of their principal pictures, etc...

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Smith and son, 1829 - Painters

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Page 130 - She told me with a sigh, that despairing of ever reclaiming him, she would not offer to place him in a civil family, but got him in a post upon a stall in Wapping, where he may be seen from sun-rising to sun-setting, with a glass in one hand, and a pipe in the other, as sentry to a brandy-shop.
Page 145 - The interior of a room, with numerous assemblage of peasantry, among whom, and in the middle, are a man and a woman dancing (the former without shoes) to the music of a violin played by a man mounted on a bench ; on the right side and front are a boy playing with a dog, and a girl with a doll ; a variety of incidents corresponding with the festive meeting is depicted throughout the company. An open door at the end of the apartment affords a view of the distant landscape. Signed and dated 1675. This...
Page 33 - ... executed it, the finish is marvellous." This picture is regarded as one of the great treasures of the Louvre, and is in the grand salon. It was formerly covered by two doors, upon which were painted a ewer and a napkin. It was bought by the Elector for 30,000 florins, and given by him to Prince Eugčne, at whose death it became the property of the house of Savoy, and was placed in the royal gallery at Turin. During the Napoleonic wars it fell into the hands of General Clausel, who made it a present...
Page 130 - ... with a jug in one hand and a glass in the other; a dog stands in front of her. Signed,
Page 97 - Temporum; standing figure in a stola with a caduceus in her right hand and a cornucopia in her left.
Page 194 - ... if frightened. A peasant sits at the other side of the door filling his pipe. At the end of the house, and leading to an adjoining cottage, is a flight of stone steps with two children at the foot ; a woman sitting at her spinning-wheel, and a man standing at her side, are at the top of the steps. A pig, a dog, and some fowls are near some rude buildings or sheds on the opposite side. In front is a basket lying on its side. The steeple of a church rises above the second cottage, and some trees...
Page 329 - An earthen crock surmounted by a morion helmet, around the rim of which are several lighted candles, and one on its top; upon the table on which it stands are some plates, slightly sketched in.
Page 258 - Landscape, with a river winding through it. • on the fore-ground is a woman with a child on her back, and another at her side...
Page 32 - ... apartment is suspended a rich piece of tapestry, which is drawn up, and forms a pleasing object, both from the tasteful cast of the folds, and the angle which it makes in the picture. The composition exhibits a group of four figures, disposed near the window. The centre one is a lady of middle age, evidently suffering under a severe malady ; her affliction is affectionately deplored by her daughter, a beautiful girl, who is kneeling by the side of her parent, holding one of her hands.
Page 182 - Kitchen," by D. Teniers, 283/. 10s. A Landscape by P. Wouvermans, 535/. 10s. J. Van Ostade's " Peasant at the Half-Door of a Thatched Cottage talking to a Traveller," 330/. 15s. " View in the Back Court of a House,

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