A catechism on the combustion of coal and the prevention of smoke: a practical treatise

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N. W. Henley & Company, 1900 - Coal - 349 pages

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Page 353 - Headlight are given. It commends itself at once to every Engineer and Fireman, and to all who are going in for examination or promotion. In plain language, with full, complete answers, not only all the questions asked by the examining engineer are given, but those which the young and lese experienced would ask the veteran, and which old hands ask as "stickers.
Page 352 - BLACKALL. Air-Brake Catechism This book is a complete study of the air-brake equipment, including the latest devices and inventions used. All parts of the air brake, their troubles and peculiarities, and a practical way to find and remedy them, are explained. This book contains over...
Page 60 - ... molecules of all bodies are in motion, even when the body itself appears to be at rest. These motions of molecules are, in the case of solid bodies, confined within so narrow a range that even with our best microscopes we cannot detect that they alter their places at all. In liquids and gases, however, the molecules are not confined within any definite limits, but work their way through the whole mass, even when that mass is not disturbed by any visible motion. This process of diffusion, as it...
Page 205 - H and h being respectively the total heat units in steam of the average observed pressure and in water of the average observed temperature of feed, as obtained from tables of the properties of steam and water.
Page 358 - It might be called a compendium of shop methods, showing a variety of special tools and appliances which will give new ideas to many mechanics, from the superintendent down to the man at the bench. It will be found a valuable addition to any machinist's library, and should be consulted whenever a new or difficult job is to be done, whether it is boring, milling, turning, or planing, as they are all treated in a practical manner. Fifth Edition. 320 pages. 250 illustrations.
Page 354 - Steam Engine Catechism A series of direct practical answers to direct practical questions, mainly intended for young engineers and for examination questions. Nearly 1,000 questions with their answers.
Page 328 - The second, or fan blower proper, consists in its simplest form of a number of blades extending radially from the axis and presenting practically flat surfaces to the air as they revolve. By the action of the wheel the air is drawn in axially at the centre and delivered from the tips of the blades in a tangential direction. This type may be simply designated as the centrifugal fan, or, more properly, as the peripheral discharge fan.
Page 151 - An opening in the crankcase of a gas engine to permit pressure therein to remain equal during the movement of the pistons. British Thermal Unit. The ordinary unit of heat. It is that quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of pure water one degree Fahrenheit at the temperature of greatest density of water. Brougham Body: A...
Page 197 - ... water.* In order to obtain the maximum heating power from wood as fuel, it is the practice, in some works on the continent of Europe, — as glass works and porcelain works, — where intensity of heat is required, to dry the wood fuel thoroughly, even using stoves for the purpose, before using it.
Page 25 - ... increase of heat. Though the above experiments are not as complete, in many respects, as they should be, I look upon this mode of testing coals as destined to furnish important information with reference to their coking properties and to their behavior in the blast furnace. It appears that in order to make a homogeneous good coke the fixed carbon of the coal must be of a kind that will melt at the lowest possible temperature, for if the process of coking produces the least pressure on the volatile...

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