A caveat or warning for common cursetors, vulgarly called vagabonds. Whereunto is added, The tale of the second taking of the counterfeit crank. Repr

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Excellent insight into the murky underworld of the Elizabethan Period

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Page 38 - my name is Nicolas Genings, and I came from Lecester to seeke worke, and I am a hat-maker by my occupation, and all my money is spent, and if I coulde get money to paye for my lodging this night, I would seke work to morowe amongst the hatters.
Page 39 - Brydwel, where he was strypt starke naked, and his ougly attyre put vpoĽ him before the maisters thereof, who wondered greatly at his dissimulation : for which offence he stode vpon the pillery in Cheapsyde, both in his ougly and handsome attyre. And after that went in the myll whyle his ougly picture was a drawing ; and then was whypped at a cartes tayle through London, and his displayd banner caried before him vnto his own dore, and so backe to Brydewell again, and there remayned for a tyme, and...
Page 37 - The 1573 edition continues thus : — " wherof this crafty Cranke had part him selfe, for he had both house and wife in the same parishe, as after you shall heare. But this lewde lewterar could not laye his bones to labour, hauing got once the tast of this lewd lasy lyfe, for al this fayr admonition, but deuised other suttel sleights to...
Page 57 - by the Masse ; for some of them were good louing men. For I lackt not when they had it, and they wanted not when I had it, and diuers of them I neuer dyd forsake, vntyll the Gallowes departed vs.
Page 49 - thanke God of all, and repaire home into thy natyue countrey." IT A AUTEM MORT. Cap. 18. THese Autem Mortes be maried women, as there be but a fewe. For Autem in their Language is a Churche ; so she is a wyfe maried at the Church, and they be as chaste as a Cowe I haue, that goeth to Bull euery moone, with what Bull she careth not. These walke most times from their husbands companye a moneth and more to gether, being asociate with another as honest as her selfe.
Page 38 - Cranke, fearinge to be mistrusted, fell to another kinde of begging, as bad or worse, and apparelled himselfe very well with a fayre black freese cote, a new payre of whyte hose, a fyne felt hat on his head, a shert of flaunders worke esteemed to be worth xvi. shillings ; and vpon newe yeares day came againe...
Page 39 - Crank confessed unto the debuty, thai he had hosted the night before in Kent street in Southwarke, at the sign of the Cock, which thing to be true, the printer sente to know, and found him a Iyer ; but further inquiring, at length found out his habitation, dwelling in maister Hilles rentes, hauinge a pretye house, well stuffed, with a fayre ioyne table, and a fayre cubbard garnished with peuter, hauinganold auncient woman to his wyfe.
Page 38 - ... printer: the debutie asked the printer what he woulde laye vnto hys charge, he answered and aleged him to be a vagabond and depe deceyuer of the people, and the counterfet Crank that ran away vpon Alhallon day last from the constable of Newington and him, and requested him earnestly to send him to ward: the debuty thinking him to be deceiued, but...
Page 23 - quoth this good wife, " and haue they so in dede 1 as I shall aunswere before god, one of them told me besides that you were godfather to him, and that he trusted to haue your blessinge before he departed." " What ! did he ? " quoth this parson ; " a halter blesse him for [leaf 11] me ! " " Me thinketh, by the masse, by your countenance you loked so wildly when you came in," quoth this good wife,
Page 21 - I pray you doth our uncle occupy husbandry, what company hath he in his house ? alas saith she, but one old woman and a boy, he hath no occupying at...

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