A Children's Code of Morals for the Girls and Boys ...

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authority of the Board of Education, 1922 - Moral education - 32 pages

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Page 19 - II. The Law of Self-Control Those who best control themselves can best serve their country. 1. I will control my tongue, and will not allow it to speak mean, vulgar or profane words. 2. I will control my temper, and will not get angry when people or things displease me. 3. I will control my thoughts, and will not allow a foolish wish to spoil a wise purpose.
Page 32 - I use in my work. When things are out of place, they are often in the way, and sometimes they are hard to find. Disorder means confusion, and the waste of time and patience. 3. In all my work with others, I will be cheerful. Cheerlessness depresses all the workers and injures all the work. 4. When I have received money for my work, I will
Page 21 - act for myself. 2. I will not be afraid of being laughed at. I will not be afraid of doing right when the crowd does wrong.
Page 21 - and me better than I; but I will learn to think for myself, choose for myself, act for myself. 2. I will not be afraid of being laughed at.
Page 13 - himself. For this reason it is often better to refer the children to some story or literary masterpiece and let them gather morals for themselves. The selections given under each element of the code have been chosen with this thought in mind and should prove of great assistance to teachers.
Page 9 - This code of morals is not a course of study and is not to be treated as such. It is rather a reservoir of organized and useful statements of essential ideals.
Page 11 - There are three ways in which instruction in morals may be presented: as ideas, as habits, and as purposes.
Page 13 - However, no systematic and planned effort on the part of the teacher will equal in effectiveness the few
Page 12 - For instance, it is a teacher's duty to herself to exemplify and to demand of her charges consistent moral behavior. The code serves to define such behavior.

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