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F. W. Roberts Company, 1904 - Children's literature - 1 pages
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Page 15 - ... let them rest from nine till five. For I am busy then, As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea, For they are hungry men : But different folk have different views; I know a person small— She keeps ten million serving-men, Who get no rest at all! She sends 'em abroad on her own affairs, From the second she opens her eyes— One million Hows, two million Wheres, And seven million Whys...
Page 20 - WE cross the prairie as of old The pilgrims crossed the sea, To make the West, as they the East, The homestead of the free...
Page 47 - Harvey Cheyne, young, rich and spoiled, falls overboard from an Atlantic liner and is picked up by fishermen bound for a season's catch off the coast of Newfoundland. The reader is given a good picture of life aboard a fishing smack while the rude fishermen make a man of Harvey and finally restore him to his anxious parents. — PRENTICE AND POWER. 4 Just so stories. Doubleday, $1.20 ' 1.02 This is an attempt to satisfy by explanations based wholly on the author's imagination, "the person small...
Page 30 - There was an old Derry down Derry who loved to see little folks merry ; So he made them a book, and with laughter they shook, At the fun of that Derry down Derry, without a smile.
Page 52 - Rebecca goes from Sunnybrook farm to live with her Aunt Mirandy, a hard, stern woman, who is to help her to an education which is to be "the making" of her. The aunt fails to understand the fearless, honest, impulsive, beautyloving child, and is unconsciously cruel to her. The things which Rebecca thinks of to do are enough to astonish less conservative people than Miss Mirandy, but, also, it would take a heart even harder than hers to steel itself against Rebecca's charm. — PRENTICE AND POWER.
Page 49 - Being the narrative of the adventures of a young gentleman of good family, who was kidnapped in the year 1719 and carried to the plantations of the continent of Virginia, where he fell in with that famous pirate Captain Edward Teach, or Blackboard; of his escape from the pirates and the rescue of a young lady from out their hands.
Page 30 - A guide to the identification of the trees of the United States, with three hundred and forty illustrations, more than half of them from photographs. The book is the work of one who is a tree-lover as well as a botanist, and besides being scientifically accurate the book has a distinct literary flavor. Invaluable as an aid to first hand acquaintance with the trees.
Page 7 - GO, little book, and wish to all Flowers in the garden, meat in the hall, A bin of wine, a spice of wit, A house with lawns enclosing it, A living river by the door, A nightingale in the sycamore!
Page 33 - The iron star was a meteorite which fell to the earth in the myth age, where Umpl and Sptz, two savages, stood gazing in terror. They guarded the pieces of iron all their days and handed them down to their children from generation to generation. The author takes this way of suggesting the growth of civilization from the time of the cave men down through the stone, bronze and iron ages to the days of Myles Standish.
Page 18 - Again and again do boys who have whole libraries at their disposal turn from new books to find in the 'Swiss family' healthful delight in legitimate adventure, and a stimulus to invention in the ready use of ways and means, which characterized the lives of the Swiss Robinsons.

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