A chronological view of the world: exhibiting the leading events of universal history, the origin and progress of the arts and sciences, the obituary of distinguished men, and the periods in which they flourished; together with an account of the appearance of comets, and a complete view of the fall of meteoric stones, in all ages, collected chiefly from the article "chronology" in the new Edinburgh encyclopędia

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J.H. Colton, 1853 - History - 278 pages
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Page 279 - England, whose rich stores of geographical works have elicited much, that until the present publication has been as a sealed letter. As a work of art, it excels all its predecessors, and is as ornamental as useful. It is beautifully colored, and mounted in the handsomest style. MAP OF THE WORLD, On Mercator's Projection, exhibiting the recent Arctic and Antarctic Discoveries and Explorations, &c.
Page 280 - This map presents to the eye, at one view, the moral and religious condition of the world, and the efforts that are now making for its evangelization. It is so colored, that all the principal religions of the world, with the countries in which they prevail, and their relation, position, and extent are distinguished at once, together with the principal stations of the various missionary societies in our own and other countries.
Page 129 - Germany,58 was in its origin simple and profane; the candidate, after some previous trial, was invested with the sword and spurs; and his cheek or shoulder was touched with a slight blow, as an emblem of the last affront which it was lawful for him to endure. But superstition mingled in every public and private action of life; in the holy wars, it sanctified the profession of arms; and the order of chivalry was assimilated in its rights and privileges to the sacred orders of priesthood. The bath...
Page 282 - Price, $5 00. Extraordinary exertions have been employed to make this map perfectly reliable and authentic in all respects. It is the only large map that exhibits the United States in its full extent. Being engraved on steel, and handsomely mounted, it forms not only a useful, but highly ornamental addition to the office, library, or hall. All the railroads, canals, and post-roads, with distances from place to place, are accurately laid down. To make the map more generally useful, the publisher has...
Page 218 - I am not worth purchasing; but such as I am, the king of Great Britain is not rich enough to do it.
Page 282 - MAP OF SOUTH AMERICA, Carefully compiled from the latest maps and charts and other
Page 76 - Christians died by the violence of their persecutors ; besides 700,000 that died through the fatigues of banishment, or the public works to which they were condemned.
Page 295 - US Surveys and other Sources. These Maps are compiled from the original US surveys, and other authentic and reliable sources. The size of each is 29X32 inches. They contain all the internal improvements, as railroads, canals, and post-roads ; the location of mines and mineral lands; the names of all cities, towns, villages, post-offices, and settlements ; the county and township lines ; and all other information usually sought for on maps— each map forming in itself a complete reflex of the condition...
Page 147 - A good hearing it is when women become such clerks ; and a thing much to my comfort, to come in mine old days to be taught by my wife...
Page 218 - ... extensive ravages on the rivers, and along the unprotected coasts. It is said, that, while on this expedition, Arnold inquired of an American captain, whom he had taken prisoner, what the Americans would do with him, if he should fall into their hands. The officer replied, that they would cut off his lame leg, and bury it with the honors of war, and hang the remainder of his body in gibbets.

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