A Collection of Colloquial Phrases, on Every Topic Necessary to Maintain Conversation: Arranged Under Different Heads; with Numerous Remarks on the Peculiar Pronunciation and Use of Various Words. The Whole So Disposed as Considerably to Facilitate the Acquisition of a Correct Pronunciation of the French

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Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1831 - French language - 208 pages
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Page 14 - ... une trentaine une quarantaine une cinquantaine une soixantaine une centaine un millier deux milliers trois milliers. &c. Nombres distributifs. la moitié le tiers un tiers deux tiers, &c. le quart un quart deux quarts, &c. le cinquième un cinquième deux cinquièmes, &c. un sixième deux sixièmes, &c. un septième deux septièmes, &c. un huitième deux huitièmes, &c. Collective Numbers.
Page 105 - J'en suis au désespoir. Quel dommage ! C'est bien dommage ! C'est grand dommage ! Cela est bien fâcheux. Cela est bien triste. Cela est bien désobligeant. Cela est bien désagréable. Cela est bien piquant. Cela est bien dur. Cela est bien cruel. Cela fait trembler.
Page 97 - B. 1 wish you a good morning. I am happy to see you. I have not seen you this age. It is a novelty to see you. Pray, sit down.
Page 38 - Je vous donne bien de la peine. Je vous donne trop de peine. Vous prenez bien de la peine. Vous vous donnez bien de la peine. Je suis fâché de vous donner tant de peine. Je suis honteux de la peine que je vous donne. La peine n'est rien.
Page 62 - F n'avez-vous entendu parler de rien? que dit-on en ville? que dit-on de vos côtés? je ne sais rien de nouveau, il n'ya rien de nouveau, il n'ya point de nouvelles, je ne sais point de nouvelles, je n'ai entendu parler de rien. on ne parle de rien. il ya de bonnes nouvelles.
Page 62 - I know nothing new. There is nothing new. There is no news. I know no news. I have not heard of any. thing. There is no talk of anything.
Page 10 - Numbers used with the word time. once. twice. thrice or three times, four times. five times, six times. seven times. eight times. nine times. ten times. eleven times. twelve times. thirteen times. fourteen times. fifteen times. sixteen times. seventeen times. eighteen times. nineteen times. twenty times.
Page iv - This little wrk, which it h hoped will be found to answer the end for which it has been compiled, is composed of the phrases most select and most necessary to maintain a conversation ; part of which have been written by the author, and the rest culled by him from other works. ' The greatest care has been taken in the selection, that the sentences should be free from a single word calculated to offend the most scrupulous reader ; and that the language should be correct ; and it is hoped that every...
Page 155 - I did not write jor want of an opportunity these trees are too much exposed to the wind. I took a walk along the sea-shore. she is not so old as I thought. once more, I comprehend nothing of all this. it is easily seen that yon are aforeigner.
Page 93 - Evening. It begins to grow late. It is almost time to go to bed. Mr. A. . .is not come home yet. I don't think he will be long. I think he will not be long. I dare say he will not be long.

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