A Collection of Old Ballads ...

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Trübner, 1723
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Page 47 - That shall not be," the bishop he said, "For thy word shall not stand ; They shall be three times asked in the church, As the law is of our land." Robin Hood pulled off the bishop's coat, And put it upon Little John ; "By the faith of my body," then Robin said, "This cloth doth make thee a man.
Page 46 - I have no money, then quoth the young man, No ready gold nor fee, But I will swear upon a book Thy true servant for to be. " How many miles is it to thy true love? Come tell me without guile." By the faith of my body, then said the young man, It is but five little mile.
Page 13 - I'll show. And wilt thou shew no more, quoth he, Than doth thy duty bind ? I well perceive thy love is small, When as no more I find. Henceforth I banish thee my court, Thou art no child of mine ; Nor any part of this my realm By favour shall be thine. Thy elder sisters...
Page 133 - Her cheeks so rare a white was on, No daisy makes comparison (Who sees them is undone ; ) For streaks of red were mingled there, Such as are on a cath'rine pear ; (The side that's next the sun.) Her lips were red, and one was thin, Compar'd to that was next her chin (Some bee had stung it newly ; ) But, Dick, her eyes so guard her face, I durst no more upon them gaze Than on the sun in July.
Page 13 - My love (quoth young Cordelia then) Which to your grace I owe, Shall be the duty of a child, And that is all I'll show.
Page 205 - Was then the third suitor, and proper withal; Her master's own son the fourth man must be, Who swore he would die for pretty Bessee. If that thou wilt marry with me...
Page 191 - Cupid's bands did tye them faster By the liking of an eye. In his courteous company was all her joy, To favour him in any thing she was not coy.
Page 16 - Possest his crown again. But when he heard Cordelia's death, Who died indeed for love Of her dear father, in whose cause She did this...
Page 12 - So princely seeming beautiful, As fairer could not be. So on a time it pleas'd the king A question thus to move, Which of his daughters to his grace Could shew the dearest love : For to my age you bring content, Quoth he, then let me hear, Which of you three in plighted troth The kindest will appear.
Page 23 - Say on," quoth Lancelot tho ; "Thou art," quoth Tarquin, "the best knight That ever I did know ; And like a knight that I did hate; So that thou be not he I will deliver all the rest, And eke accord with thee." " That is well said," quoth Lancelot then ; " But sith it must be so, What is the knight thou hatest thus?

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