A Collection of Reptiles & Amphibians from Southern New Mexico & Arizona

Front Cover
order of the Trustees, American Museum of Natural History, 1907 - Amphibians - 121 pages

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Page 606 - Republication of Descriptions of Fossils from the Hall Collection in the American Museum of Natural History, from the report of Progress for 1861 of the Geological Survey of Wisconsin, by James Hall, with Illustrations from the Original Type Specimens not heretofore Figured.
Page 602 - As the processes thus far described continue through geological periods, the initial relief will be extinguished even under the slow processes of desert erosion, and there will appear instead large rock-floored plains sloping toward large waste-floored plains ; the plains will be interrupted only where parts of the initial highlands and masses of unusually resistant rocks here and there survive as isolated residual mountains.
Page 482 - consists of about twenty-four articles per, volume, which relate about equally to Geology, Palaeontology, Mammalogy, Ornithology, Entomology, and (in the recent volumes) Anthropology, except...
Page 605 - Pp. i-xvi, 1-332, pll. i-viii (5 colored), and 19 text figures. May, 1902. Price, $5.00. Vol. VII. Anthropology (not yet completed). Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. IV. PART I.— The Decorative Art of the Amur Tribes. By Berthold Laufer. Pp. 1-79, pll. i-xxxiii, and 24 text figures. December, 1901. Price, $3.00. Vol. VIII. Anthropology (not yet completed^. *Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. V.
Page 605 - Pp. 1-382, pll. i-xiii, 1 map, and 58 text figures. 1905. Price, $10.00. PART II. — Material Culture and Social Organization of the Koryak. By W. Jochelson. Pp. 383-811, pll. xiv-xl, and 194 text figures. 1908. Price, $12.00. VOL. XI. ANTHROPOLOGY. "Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VII. PART I. — The Chuckchee: Material Culture.
Page 521 - this species feeds on insects and the blossoms and leaves of plants in about equal proportions; at least such was the case in the large number whose stomachs were examined.
Page 535 - Sceloporuii magisler is a mixed feeder, both insects and flowers being found in the stomachs examined. At the Great Bend of the Colorado, Nevada, and St. George, Utah, stomachs were opened that contained insects only.
Page 556 - The poison flows out onto the floor of the mouth, between the lips and the gums, that is, into the interior of the bottom jaw. Being below the teeth and not directly communicated to them, the poison sometimes fails to find its way into a wound. The saliva of the upper jaw is perfectly harmless, as is also the same, saliva in the lower jaw. But it must not be forgotten that there is also a deadly venom in the lower jaw, which gets mixed with the saliva. As a rule the Gila monster is lazy and sluggish,...
Page 563 - It is also found on the mesas, but more abundantly in the Creosote bush association in the arroyos, and much less commonly in the Suaharo-Ocotillo association of the hills.
Page 605 - PART III.— Studies on the Arthrodira. By Louis Hussakof. May, 1906. Pp. 103154, pll. xii and xiii, and 25 text cuts. Price, $3.00.

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