A commentary, with practical observations on disorders of the head, in which is particularly considered the propriety of bleeding

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Page 136 - violent throbbing in the head, confusion and giddiness. It was evident that evacuations could be carried no farther; and, in consultation with a very intelligent medical man who had the charge of her, it was agreed as a last experiment to make trial of the opposite system, nourishing diet and tonics. In a fortnight she was restored to very tolerable health.
Page 135 - he had paid little attention to it, until his friends became alarmed by his altered appearance. From being strong and rather plethoric, he had become weak, exhausted, pale, and haggard. He had anasarca of his
Page 70 - and at the beginning of the inflammatory stage, I may almost call it a specific ; it excites as it were an abdominal or intestinal ptyalism^
Page 53 - of obstructed evacuation from an excreting organ, from which death occurs in a few hours. To this belong all those depositions on the brain which arise from small-pox, measles, erysipelas, and other febrile eruptions;
Page 53 - is a sudden effusion of fluid within the brain, either occurring idiopathically, or the consequence of the repelled matter of a previous disease (defect of crisis), or the consequence of obstructed evacuation from
Page 70 - the Fates come rushing on, The rapid Fates admit of no delay.
Page 135 - of his legs, his pulse was frequent and feeble, and much excited by the least exertion. Along with these symptoms, he was liable to strong and irregular action of the heart, and complained of giddiness, tinnitus aurium, violent throbbing in the head, and frequently of throbbing head-ach. On examining his rectum, a fungous tumor was found within the sphincter, on the apex of which a small artery was bleeding per sallum. This was
Page 135 - was found within the sphincter, on the apex of which a small artery was bleeding per
Page 135 - had been for some time losing considerable quantities of blood by arterial haemorrhage from the rectum. Considering it as merely
Page 82 - the exposure of the head to the direct rays of the sun,

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