A Common-school Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language

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Mason Brothers, 1866 - English language - 320 pages
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Page 309 - Argument um ad crumenam, L. An argument to the purse; an appeal to interest. Argumentum ad hominem, L. An argument deriving its force from the situation of the person to whom it is addressed. Argumentum ad judicinm, L.
Page 309 - To the utmost ; to th» death. A posteriori, L. From the effect to the cause. A priori, L. From the cause to the effect. A propos, F.
Page 300 - Account. ACS American Colonization Society. AD (Anno Domini), in the year of our Lord. Ad.
Page 251 - Tasty, (tust'e) a, having taste; according to taste. Tatter, (tat'er) vt to rend in pieces; — n. a torn piece ; a rag. Tattle, (tatl) vi to tell tales;— n. idle, trifling talk.
Page 125 - He, (he) pron. of the third person, masculine gender, referring to some man or male. Head, (bed) n.
Page vii - Ac., in which the u has been dropped or was never introduced ; but they are given both ways. 14. Woe.— This word takes the final e, like doe, foe, hoe, sloe, toe, and all similar nouns of one syllable...
Page 280 - Windward, (wind'ward) a. lying toward the wind ; — n. the point from which the wind blows. Windy, (wind'e) a.
Page 88 - Drawer, (draw'er) n. one who draws a bill ; a sliding box; —pi. an under garment for Drawing, (draw 'ing) n.
Page 124 - Hand, (hand) n, the palm with the fingers ; pointer of a clock or watch ; manner of writing ; — vt to give ; to deliver; to lead. [book. Hand-book, (haml'book) n, a guideHandcuff, (hand'kuf) n. a manacle to confine the hands ; — vt to fetter with handcuffs. [hand can hold. Handful, (hand
Page 300 - Den. Denmark. Dept. Department Dent. Deuteronomy. Dft. Defendant DG (Dei gratia), By the grace of God. Diet. Dictionary ; Dictator. Dist. District Div. Dividend. Do. Ditto ; the same. Dolls. Dollars. Doz. Dozen. DP Doctor in Philosophy. [ Dr. Debtor; Doctor. DV (Meovofente), God willing.

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