A Companion to Ragland [sic] Castle; Or, a Familiar Description of that Beautiful and Interesting Ruin: With Biographical Notices, and Historical Particulars, Relating to Its Former Splendour and Renown

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C. Hough, 1833 - Castles - 40 pages

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Page 21 - AUGUST, the officers, gentlemen, and soldiers, of the garrison, with all other persons therein, shall march out of the said garrison with their horses and arms, with colours flying, drums beating, trumpets sounding, matches lighted at both ends, bullets in their mouths, and every soldier with twelve charges of powder, match and bullet proportionable, and bag and baggage, to any place within ten miles of the garrison, where the Governor shall nominate...
Page 14 - ... that the poor silly men stood so amazed, as if they had been half dead, and yet they saw nothing : at last as the plot was laid, up comes a man, staring and running, and crying out, before he came at them, * Look to yourselves, my masters, for the lions are got loose...
Page 37 - A stupendous, or a water-commanding engine, boundless for height, or quantity, requiring no external, nor even additional help or force to be set or continued in motion, but what intrinsically is afforded from its own operation, nor yet the twentieth part thereof.
Page 32 - ... vagum ; and, therefore, I deferre it, and upon noe other score. Yet in this interim, my disappointments are soe great, as that I am forced to begge, if you could possible, eyther to helpe me with tenne pownds to this bearer, or to make use of the coache, and to go to Mr.
Page 40 - ... and whose knowledge is immense and inexhaustible, next to my creation and redemption, I render thee most humble thanks, from the very bottom of my heart and bowels, for thy vouchsafing me (the meanest in understanding) an insight in so great a secret of nature, beneficial to all mankind, as this my water-commanding engine.
Page 20 - Delawar ; the master of the fish-ponds, Mr. Andrews ; . my Lord Herbert's preceptor, Mr. Adams, with such gentlemen as came there under the degree of a Knight, attended by footmen, and plentifully served with wine. " At the second table in the hall (served from my lord's table, and with other hot meat) sate the sewer, with the gentlemen waiters and pages, to the number of twenty-four.
Page 19 - AT eleven o'clock in the forenoon the castle gates were shut, and the tables laid; two in the dining-room ; three in the hall; one in Mrs. Watson's apartment, where the chaplains ate (Sir Toby Matthews being the first); and two in the housekeeper's room, for the ladies
Page 23 - Marquess, you have given me no other cause; and hasty as you are, you shall not go until I have told you a story :—There were two men going up Holborn in a cart to be hanged, one of them being very merry and jocund, gave great offence unto the other, who was sad and dejected, insomuch as that the downcast man said unto,the other, I wonder, brother, that you can be so frolic, considering the business we are going about.
Page 22 - ... and bullet proportionable, and bag and baggage, to any place within ten miles of the garrison, where the Governor shall nominate ; where, in respect his Majesty hath no garrison in England, nor army any where within this kingdom, and dominion of Wales, their arms shall be delivered up to such as his Excellency shall appoint to receive them, where the soldiers shall be disbanded : and that all, both officers, gentlemen, and soldiers, shall have the benefit of these ensuing articles, except persons...
Page 20 - At the third table in the hall, sat the Clerk of the Kitchen, with the Yeomen Officers of the House, two Grooms of the Chamber, &c.

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