A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Prescription Writing, with Especial Reference to the Physiological Actions of Drugs

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Page 15 - STARR. The Hygiene of the Nursery. Including the General Regimen and Feeding of Infants and Children, and the Domestic Management of the Ordinary Emergencies of Early Life, Massage, etc. 6th Edition. 25 Illustrations.
Page 6 - STARR. The Digestive Organs in Childhood. The Diseases of the Digestive Organs in Infancy and Childhood. With Chapters on the Investigation of Disease and the Management of Children, ad Edition, Enlarged.
Page 6 - SYSTEMATIC HANDBOOK OF VOLUMETRIC ANALYSIS ; or, the Quantitative Estimation, of Chemical Substances by Measure, applied to Liquids, Solids, and Gases. Adapted to...
Page 23 - BLAKISTON'S ?Quiz-CoMPENDS ? the particular wants of the student have always been kept in mind. Careful attention has been given to the construction of each sentence, and while the books will be found to contain an immense amount of knowledge in small space, they will likewise be found easy reading ; there is no stilted repetition of words ; the style is clear, lucid, and distinct. The arrangement of subjects is systematic and thorough ; there Is a reason for every word.
Page 17 - Druggists' General Receipt Book. Comprising a copious Veterinary Formulary ; Recipes in Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists' Nostrums, etc. ; Perfumery and Cosmetics ; Beverages, Dietetic Articles, and Condiments ; Trade Chemicals, Scientific Processes, and an Appendix of Useful Tables.
Page 22 - ANATOMY. Sixth Revised and Enlarged Edition. Including Visceral Anatomy. Can be used with either Morris's or Gray's Anatomy. 117 Illustrations and 16 Lithographic Plates of Nerves and Arteries, with Explanatory Tables, etc. By SAMUEL OL POTTER, MD, Professor of the Practice of Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Francisco ; Brgade Surgeon, US Vol.
Page 9 - Medical Ophthalmoscopy. A Manual and Atlas with Colored Autotype and Lithographic Plates and Wood-cuts, Comprising Original Illustrations of the Changes of the Eye in Diseases of the Brain, Kidney, etc. 3d Edition.
Page 7 - Harris. Principles and Practice of Dentistry. Including Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Therapeutics, Dental Surgery and Mechanism.
Page 18 - TYSON. The Practice of Medicine. By JAMES TYSON, MD, Professor of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania. A Complete SystematIc Text-book with Special Reference to Diagnosis and Treatment.

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