A Compendious French Grammar: In Two Independent Parts (introductory and Advanced)

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1889 - French language - 293 pages
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Page 238 - Lorsque l'enfant paraît, le cercle de famille Applaudit à grands cris. Son doux regard qui brille Fait briller tous les yeux, Et les plus tristes fronts, les plus souillés peut-être, Se dérident soudain à voir l'enfant paraître, Innocent et joyeux.
Page 237 - Que les temps sont changés ! Sitôt que de ce jour La trompette sacrée annonçait le retour, Du temple, orné partout de festons magnifiques , Le peuple saint en foule inondait les portiques...
Page 237 - Oui, je viens dans son temple adorer l'Eternel ; Je viens, selon l'usage antique et solennel, Célébrer avec vous la fameuse journée Où sur le mont Sina la loi nous fut donnée.
Page xlviii - Partir, to start. partant, parti, être parti, étant parti. je pars, tu pars, il part, nous partons, vous partez, ils partent. je partais, tu partais, il partait, nous partions, vous partiez, ils partaient.
Page xlviii - Je crains, tu crains, il craint, nous craignons, vous craignez, ils craignent. • Imparf.: Je craignais, nous craignions.
Page 39 - Ex. il est aussi grand que vous ' he is as tall as you ' ; il n'est pas si grand que vous ' he is not so tall as you ' ; il est plus grand que vous ' he is taller than you ' ; il a plus de quinze ans ' he is more than fifteen years of age.
Page 267 - His curiosity prompting him to know what it was, he took it out and read it. It was a letter from the young man's mother, in which she thanked him for having sent her part of his wages to relieve her in her misery, and finished with telling him that God would reward him for his dutiful affection.
Page 264 - A child, six years of age, being introduced into company, was asked by a clergyman where God was, with the offer of an orange. " Tell me," replied the boy, "where he is not, and I will give you two.
Page 267 - ... it out, turned pale, and looking at the king, burst into tears, without being able to speak a word. " What is the matter?" said the king, " What ails you ?" " Ah ! sire," said the young man, throwing himself at his feet, " somebody has wished to ruin me. I know not how I came by this money in my pocket."
Page xiv - Sup. bon, good ; meilleur, better ; le meilleur, the best. mauvais, bad ; pire, worse ; le pire, the worst, petit, little ; moindre, less ; le moindre, the least.

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