A Complete Etymology of the English Language ...

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A.S.Barnes and Company, 1873 - English language - 319 pages
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Page 324 - ... and artistic as this. It embraces the choicest gems of English literature, so arranged as to afford the reader ample exercise in every department of style. So acceptable has the taste of the authors in...
Page 331 - Maps (per set) .... .*20 00 Monteith's Manual of Map-Drawing 25 Monteith's Map-Drawing and Object-Lessons, . . 75 Monteith's Map-Drawing Scale, *25 1. PRACTICAL OBJECT TEACHING. The infant scholar is first introduced to a picture whence he may derive notions of the shape of the earth, the phenomena of day and night, the distribution of land and water, and the great natural divisions, which mere words would fail entirely to convey to the untutored mind.
Page 325 - Aesthetic tastes of children may receive no small degree of cultivation frcm their very earliest school books, to say nothing of the importance of making study attractive by all such artificial aids that are legitimate. In accordance with this view, not less than $25,000 was expended in their preparation before publishing, with a result which entitles them to be considered " The Perfection of Common School Books.
Page 330 - DOUGLASS, School Commissioner, Delaware County, New York. I have never known a class pursue the study of it under a live teacher, that has not succeeded ; I have never known it to have an opponent in an educated teacher who had thoroughly investigated it; I have never known an ignorant teacher to examine it ; I have never known a teacher who has used It, to try any other.
Page 331 - In the Physical and Political Geography the maps embrace many new and striking features. One of the most effective of these is the new plan for displaying on each map the relative sizes of countries not represented, thus obviating much confusion which has arisen from the necessity of presenting maps in tne same atlas drawn on different scales. The maps of " McNally" have long been celebrated for their superior beauty and completeness.
Page 328 - Embracing valuable information on a thousand topics, communicated in such a manner as at once to relieve the exercise of spelling of its usual tedium, and combine it with instruction of a general character calculated to profit and amuse.
Page 328 - Also definitions, complete rules for spelling and formation of derivatives, and exercises in false orthography. 4. Smith's Speller and Definer's Manual...
Page 325 - Notes on every page afford all the incidental instruction which the teacher is usually required to impart. Indices of words refer the pupil to the place of their first use and definition. The Biographies of Authors and others are in every sense excellent. Economy. Although the number of pages In each volume Is fixed at the minimum, for the purpose recited above, the utmost amount of matter available without overcrowding is obtained hi the space.
Page 327 - Presents the alphabet upon the Word Method System, by which the child will learn the alphabet in nine days, and make no small progress in reading and spelling in the same time. National School Tablets, 10 Nos *8 oo Embrace reading and conversational exercises, object and moral lesKons, form, color, &c.
Page 329 - AU it wants is an impartial trial, to convince the most skeptical of its merit. No one who has fairly and intelligently tested it in the school-room has ever been known to go back to the old method. A great success is already established, and it is easy to prophecy that the day is not /ar distant when it will be the only system of teaching English Grammar.

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