A Complete Manual for the Cultivation of the Strawberry: With a Description of the Best Varieties

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O. Judd, 1864 - Berries - 157 pages
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Page 168 - The articles are thoroughly edited, and every way reliable. The Household Department is valuable to every Housekeeper, affording very many useful hints and directions calculated to lighten and facilitate in-door work. The Department for Children and Youth...
Page 13 - Ripe blushing strawberries eaten from the plant, or served with sugar and cream are certainly Arcadian dainties with a true paradisical flavor," and fortunately they are so easily grown that the poorest owner of a few feet of ground may have them in abundance.
Page 168 - BO large that It can be furnished at the low price of $1.50 a year; four copies, one year, for $5; ten copies, one year, for $12; twenty or more copies, one year. $1 each; single copies, 15 cents each.
Page 127 - Pistillate, from the fact that the stamens are abortive, and rarely to be found without a dissection of the flower. These require extrinsic impregnation. 2d. Those called Staminate, which are perfectly destitute of even the rudiments of pistils, and are necessarily fruitless. 3d. Those called Hermaphrodite or perfect, having both sets of organs, stamens and pistils, apparently well developed. These are not generally good and certain, bearers, as we should expect them to be. With few exceptions they...
Page 15 - The strawberry is perhaps the most wholesome of all fruits, being very easy of digestion, and never growing acid by fermentation, as most other fruits do. The oft-quoted instance of the great Linnaeus curing himself of...
Page 36 - ... moisture well. This is especially true of the standard and evergreen varieties as they ripen late in the season and on moist soil continue to bear until late in the fall. The soil should be well supplied with humus and the supply be maintained by growing winter cover crops of vetches to be turned under as early in the spring as the ground is in good working condition. Cultivation should be thorough and be maintained until the fruit begins to ripen. CURRANTS AND GOOSEBERRIES. The climatic conditions...
Page 123 - And it would seem reasonable to infer that when bat one of the sexual organs is complete, the other will have more strength. Plants, therefore, that are perfect in both organs, require a higher state of cultivation. There is, however, a wide difference in the productiveness of different kinds that are perfect in both organs, some being much more liable to blast than others.
Page 41 - ... seen without having, after the first year, many more plants upon the ground than can obtain air or light sufficient to fruit well. The consequence is, that all our city markets are mainly supplied with inferior fruit, simply because some of the commonest kinds continue to produce a little stunted, sour fruit, even under the worst treatment. Superior, well-grown fruit will easily produce twice and four times as much to the acre, and will command prices from two to four times larger in the city...
Page 16 - ... to the winds which sow its seeds — to the brooks whose banks it embellishes — when we contemplate how it is preserved during a winter's cold capable of cleaving stones — how it appears verdant in the spring without any pains employed to preserve it from frost and snow — how, feeble and trailing along the ground, it should be able to migrate from the deepest valleys to Alpine heights — to traverse the globe from north to south, from mountain to mountain, forming, on its passage over...
Page 13 - To grow large, handsome, fine-flavored fruit in abundance, it is not necessary to employ a chemist to furnish us with a long list of specifics, nor even to employ a gardener by profession who can boast of long years of experience. Any one who can manage a crop of Corn or Potatoes, can, if he will, grow Strawberries.

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