A concise history and analysis of all the principal styles of architecture, by an amateur [E. Boid.].

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Page 14 - bundles of reeds, or the whole plant of the papyrus, bound together at different distances, and ornamented at the base with palm leaves. Hence the flutings,
Page 91 - blended with taste, as well as skill; and the borrowed forms are so moulded and reduced, as perfectly to harmonize with those qualities of grace and elegance which
Page 83 - owes its birth to that religion, and became the predominating form of building, wherever the followers of its tenets have extended their power and arms. It
Page 93 - it is found in the most ancient Arabian remains at Cabul and Ispahan ; amongst the interesting Mahomedan monuments of the tenth century at Cairo:
Page 38 - It is more delicate and graceful than the Doric, and although its general appearance is simple, it is also elegant and majestic, and constitutes an agreeable medium between the
Page 13 - The columns of the Egyptians furnish a great variety in style, dimensions, and proportion, though always heavy, and almost invariably imitations of some shrubby or arborescent productions of their
Page 36 - are given to the cornice, eight to the frieze, and ten to the architrave. The
Page 138 - by acquiring, towards the end of the period, a superabundant mass of unmeaning ornament, which totally corrupted the style, and brought it into disrepute. And
Page 138 - distinguished it during the whole period of the second style. Towards the end of the fourteenth century, innumerable innovations •were made, both with regard to form and decoration, which broke the rectitude of its lines, and
Page 14 - the whole plant of the lotus, * palm, or papyrus, whose calyx flower, or tuft of leaves, bound together at the pinnacle, form the capital.

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