A Course in First Year Latin for Regents' Examinations and Introduction to the Reading of Caesar

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W.R. Jenkinks, 1901 - Latin language - 365 pages
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Page 157 - GALLIA est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur.
Page 340 - ... are, avi, atum. To proclaim, state. PRONOUNCE. Prope, adv., comp. propius, sup. proxime. Near. Prope, prep. w. ace. Near. Propello, ere, uli, ulsum. To drive forward, repulse, rout. PROPEL. Propior, us, comp. adj.,pos. wanting, sup. proximus. Nearer. Propono, ere, posui, positum. To setforth. PROPOSE. Propter, prep. w. ace. On account of. Propterea, adv. For this reason ; propterea quod, for this reason, that; because.
Page 41 - Future ero, / shall be erimus, we shall be eris, you will be eritis, you will be erit, he will be erunt, they will be Perfect...
Page 1 - Alphabet, as usually written, is the same as the English, except that it has no w.
Page 42 - IMPERATIVE. este, be ye, estote, ye shall be, sunto, they shall be. INFINITIVE. Pres. esse, to be. Perf. fuisse, to have been. Fut. futurus esse,3 to be about to be.
Page 269 - ... take two accusatives, one of the person, the other of the thing, provided the latter is the accusative of a neuter pronoun or adjective.
Page 199 - Plur. audiunto-r, they shall be heard. INFINITIVE. Pres. aud-iri, to be heard. Perf. audit-us esse, to have been heard.
Page 357 - ... reward, praemium, -i, N. Rhine, Rhenus, -i, M. Rhone, Rhodanus, -i, M. rich, dives; richest, ditissimus, -a, -um.
Page 232 - INFINITIVES. Pres. posse, to be able. Perf. potu-isse, to have been able. PARTICIPLE. Pres. potens, powerful (used only as an adj.).
Page 136 - Nom. Gen. Dat. Ace. Voc. AbL Nom. Gen. Dat. Ace. Voc. Abl.

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